Jacob Albrecht Jacob Albrecht  ‎(I784)‎
Jacob Albrecht

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 10 October 1728 30 29 Wurrentberg, GER
Death: 28 July 1891 ‎(Age 162)‎ Orange Co., N. C.
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 10 October 1728 30 29 Wurrentberg, GER

Death 28 July 1891 ‎(Age 162)‎ Orange Co., N. C.

Burial Stoner's Church Cem. N. C.

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Parents Family  (F186)
Johannes Ludwig Albrecht
1697 - 1752
Anna Barbara Gossauer
1699 - 1764
Matelina Magdalena "Mary" Albrecht
1716 - 1789
Anna Barbara Albrecht
1719 - 1802
John Christian Albrecht
1726 - 1784
Lodawick "Ludwig" Albrecht
1731 - 1810
Judith Albrecht
1734 - 1763
Jacob Albrecht
1728 - 1891
Christiana Albrecht
1724 -
Magdelene Albrecht
1733 -


Jacob Albright, Sr. b. 10 OCT 1728 Wurttemberg, GER d. 28 JUL 1791 Orange Co, NC m. Sophie Catherine Welder b: 1729 Berks Co, PA d. Aft 1 MAY 1792 Alamance Co, NC m. 1746 Western Lancaster ‎[Now Berks]‎ Co, PA. Both b. Stoners Church Cemetery in Hillsboro, Alamance, NC.


1. Jacob Albright, Jr. b: 6 AUG 1748 Berk Co, PA d. bet. 1822 & 1825 Orange Co, N.C. m. Sallie Wolf b: 1758 Orange Co, NC m. ABT. 1776 Orange Co, NC. They settled on land owned by J.M. Albright on Rock Creek.

John Edward Albright, Sr. b: 2 SEP 1777 Orange Co, N.C. d. 1833 Houston Co, TX ‎(Scalped by Indians)‎ m. Rebecca?. Child: Francis b. 1812 d. 1893 m. Lydia Deal ‎(Children: Jonathan b. 1831 d. 1897 m. Julieanne Hutzell b. 1845 d. 1927, John Jr. b. 12 MAY 1799 d. 24 JUN 1882 Somerset Co, Pa)‎ Shortly after they were married, they moved to AL then TN & finally settled in Houston Co, TX in 1832. John was killed by Indians a few years after arriving in TX between 1836 when he received bounty land grant & the administration of his estate in 1840. He & his sons acquired large tracts of land in the area. The 1840 Republic of Texas census lists land owned by them:
John Albright, Sr. 4605 acres
William Albright 1280 acres
Jacob Albright 4605 acres
Edward Albright 4428 acres
John Albrigh, Jr. 1476 acres
Solomon Albright 1476 acrest
Source: Lutheran Minister, Rev. David Isiah Offman, "Albright Family Records." Copies prepared for the public by The Alamance County Historical Associatio P.O. Box 411 Burlington, North Carolina 27215
Sophia Albright b: 4 FEB 1780 Orange Co, NC d. ABT. 1801 m. Henry Loy
Mary Elizabeth "Betsy" Albright b: 26 OCT 1781 Orange Co, NC d. ABT. 1873 Orange Co, N.C. m. John Fogleman
Sally Albright b: 14 JUN 1785 Orange co, NC.
Katherine L. "Katie" Albright b: 10 JUN 1788 Orange Co, NC d. 1849 Panola, TX m. John Albright
John Albright b: OCT 1789 Rowan, Orange, NC d. AFT. 1840 Rapids Parish, LA.
William A. Albright b: 19 APR 1791 Orange Co, NC d. 26 JUN 1871 Orange Co, N.C. m. Mary "Polly" Wood m. 17 SEP 1817 Orange Co, NC. Children: William Levin Sr. b: 1819, Malinda, Sarah Catherine, Ellen Elizabeth, Margaret, John S. William remarried Eleanor "Nellie" Stockard b: 1802 m. ABT. 1822. Children: Malinda b: 1823, Sarah C. b: 14 AUG 1824, John b: 1827, Elizabeth b: 1829, Mary E. b: 1832, William Alvis b: 1835, Samuel J. b: 1837, James S. b: 1839, Nancy M. b: 1842, George W. b: 1845
Solomon Albright b: 30 OCT 1793 Orange Co, NC d. 25 MAR 1863 Graham, Orange,N.C. m. Sallie Fogleman
Mary "Polly" Albright b: 30 JUN 1797 Orange Co, NC d. 5 AUG 1848 b. St. Paul Church Cem in Alamance Co, NC m. Peter Shoffner.
Nancy Albright b: 9 AUG 1800 Orange Co, NC d. 18 JAN 1859 Orange Co, NC m. David Coble

2. Sophia Catherine Albright b: SEP 1749 Berks Co, PA d. 1821 Guilford Co, N.C. m. John Ludwig Clapp, Jr b: 1742 Oley, Berks, PA m. 1770 Orange Co, NC.

Elizabeth Clapp
John Clapp b: ABT. 1770
John Ludwig Clapp III b: 10 NOV 1772
Maria Barbara Clapp b: 17 DEC 1777
John William Clapp b: 17 DEC 1779
Catherine Clapp b: 12 OCT 1780
Sophia Clapp b: 1781
John Henry Clapp b: 23 MAR 1783.

3. John Albright b: 1750 Berks Co, PA d. 24 OCT 1830 Rock Creek, NC b. St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cem in Alamance Co, NC m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Graves b: BET. 1754 & 1757 m. ABT. 1780.

Barbara Albright b: ABT. 1780 Near Burlington, Alamance/Orange, NC d. 21 DEC 1866 m. Henry Garrett. Barbara Albright remarried John Forrest Foust b: 14 JUN 1779 Burlington, Alamance/Orange, NC m. 30 DEC 1802 in Brick Church in Guilford Co, N.C. Children: Sally b: 25 OCT 1803 d. 22 JAN 1875 m. Thomas Holt, Lydia Filbina "Lettie" b: 11 JAN 1806 d. 1826 m. Henry Albright b. 1804.
Elizabeth Albright b: 13 OCT 1781 d. 29 DEC 1843 Guilford Co, NC m. John George "Brickhouse" Clapp b: 14 SEP 1776.
Anna Philipena "Penna" Albright b: 13 APR 1788 d. 27 JAN 1858 m. William Henry Clapp.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery Records in Alamance County, N.C.
ALBRIGHT, John -- ???? - ???? h/o Elizabeth GRAVES; s/o Jacob & Sophia C. WELDER ALBRIGHT .

4. Elizabeth Albright b: ABT. 1751 Berks Co, PA m. Jacob Martin Boone.

Daniel Boone b: ABT. 1775
Catherine Boone
Jacob Martin Boone, Jr

5. Joseph A. Albright b: 1753 Berks Co, PA d. 1821 Alamance Co, N.C. m. Barbara Basin b: 1759 d. 1849 m. ABT. 1780 Orange Co, NC.

Sallie Albright b: ABT. 1782 m. James Nicholson
John Albright, Sr. b: 1784 d. 31 MAY 1847 Yorkville, S.C. m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Albright b: 18 OCT 1794 m. 27 AUG 1812 Orange Co, NC. Children: Patsy m. Jacob May, Sally m. Sidney Bishop. John Albright remarried Margaret Busick m. 16 SEP 1823. John Albright d. in Yorkville, SC, May 31, 1847, in the 63d. year of his age, Mr. Jno. Albright. He was born in NC, & in 1835 moved to Yorkville, SC, left a wife, four sons, five daughters. A.W. Beard Marriage & death notices from the Southern Christian Adborate 1837-1860. Issue of April 5,1860.
Andrew W. Albright b: 9 SEP 1793 d. 7 JUN 1866 Alamance Co, N.C. m. Sally Shoffner b: ABT. 1795 m. 2 DEC 1817 Orange Co, NC. Children; Barbara b: 1818, Deliah "Dillie" b: 1820, Janey b: ABT. 1822, Sarah "Sallie" b: 1824, Mary "Polly" b: 1826, George M. b: 1828. Andrew Albright remarried Winnie Isley m. ABT. 1833. Children: Catherine b: ABT. 1834, Andrew Jackson b: 1835, Margaret b: 26 JAN 1837, Joseph b: 1839, John Polk b: ABT. 1841. Note: Shannon D. Albright - ‎(1982)‎ his Second Edition, identifies his mother by name, Barbara Basin, in ‎(Section D, Page 14)‎. He covers the entire family and recorded the initial "W" after Andrew, Andrew W. Albright. Copyright 1981 TXU 69-571 and his Supplement is also covered by that copyright.
Note: I have a copy of the Rev. David Isaiah Offman's ‎(1974)‎ "Albright Family Records." I took note that he had spelled her name as Barbara Bason on ‎(Page 30)‎ and also omitted the "W" after Andrew. That is the only mentioning of Barbara Bason in his 98 page history. When Shannon D. Albright wrote his Supplement No. 1 dated 1989, he acknowledged 34 who generously contributed data for his supplement from 19 States. He did not include the Rev. David Isaiah Offman, Lutheran Minister.

6. Henry Albright b: 4 MAY 1759 Berks Co, PA d. 9 JUN 1840 Orange Co, N.C. b. Stoners Church Cem at the Rufus Dale's farm in Alamance Co, NC m. Mary "Polly" Gibbs b: 1766 Orange Co, NC m. 1780 Orange Co, NC.

Jacob Albright b: 4 JAN 1784 Orange Co, NC d. 25 JAN 1845 Flat Creek Bedford, TN b. Center Church Cem m. Sarah "Sallie" Nease b: 26 NOV 1786 Orange Co, NC m. 29 JUL 1807 Orange Co, NC. Children: Jane b: 1809 m. Jacob C. Burrow, Mary "Nancy" b: 1810 m. Benjamin S. Warren, Candace b: 24 AUG 1811 NC ‎[date recorded from tombstone, L. Priest]‎ 28 FEB 1897 Burnet Co, TX b. Park Rd.4 Hoover's Valley Cem m. Ransom White, Jerome b: 1818 NC d. 14 FEB 1873 Lincoln Co, TN m. Minerva Conwell, Penny Ann b: 1820 NC d. AFT. 1880, Sarah Catherine b: MAY 1821 Bedford Co, TN d. 10 SEP 1902 Sutton, Nevada, AK b. Harmony Cem m. Augustus Clayton Sutton, Elleanor "Ellen" b: 1825 NC d. 7 NOV 1898 b. Harmony Cem in Sutton, Nevada, AK m. John S. Thompson, Lucy Elizabeth b: APR 1826 Bedford Co, TN d. 24 AUG 1903 Vernon, Wilbarger, TX b. Eastview Cem m. George R. Woosley, Rachel Gibbs b: 1827 Bedford Co, TN d. 23 DEC 1894 Lincoln Co, TN m. L.W. Williams, Jacob C. b: 1829 Bedford Co, TN d. Lincoln Co, TN m. Mahala ‎(Children: William J. "Willie" b: 1855 TN d. Pope Co, AK, George W. b: 1857 TN d. Pope Co, AK, Minerva J. b: 1859 d. Pope Co, AK, Fanny b: 1861 d. Pope Co, A)‎.
Catherine "Katie" Albright b: 30 NOV 1786 Orange Co, NC d. 10 OCT 1842 NC b. Mt. Hermon Community Cem in Alamance Co, NC m. John Richard Stockard.
Nicholas Albright b: 1789 Orange Co, NC d. 14 MAY 1844 Alamance Co, NC b. Mt. Hermon Community Cem in Alamance Co, NC m. Ann "Annie" Rogers b: 2 MAY 1794 Graham, NC m. 8 DEC 1812 Orange Co, NC. Nicholas Albright lived & died on his plantation on Haw River, three miles south of what is now Graham, North Carolina. Children: James Rogers b: 15 OCT 1813 d. 23 JUN 1880, John Gibbs b: 1817 d. 10 MAY 1889 Graham, NC, Henry b: 1820 d. 1895, William R. b: 1828 d. 1891, James Rogers b: 15 OCT 1813 d. 23 JUN 1880.
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Albright b: 12 OCT 1792 d. 20 NOV 1873 Nd m. William Sharp d. 20 NOV 1873. Both b. Stoners Church Cem ‎(Rufus Dale's Farm)‎ in Almanance Co, NC.
Minister ‎(Methodist Episcopal Church)‎ Joseph Albright b: 1794 d. 9 NOV 1876 Randolph Co, N.C. d. 9 NOV 1876 Randolph Co, N.C. m. Nancy Whitsett. Children: Jane A. b: 1819 NC m. Anthony Rich, Elizabeth b: 1821 NC d. 1851 m. William D. Clapp, Mary E. b: 1824 NC m. Thomas Craven, William Stockard b: 1826 NC d. 1864 in Civil War m. Nancy Eleanor "Ellen" Lawrence, Gibbs b: 1827 NC d. in the Civil War, Joseph C. b: 1828 NC d. 1848 m. Mary Ann Done, Nancy Catherine b: 1830 NC d. 1919 m. Matthew Yow, Kiziah "Kizzie" Rebecca b: 1832 NC d. 1843, Eutha b: 1834 NC d. 1913 m. Joshua Brown, Henry A. b: 1836 NC d. 1919 Randolph Co, NC m. Margaret Ferrde, John Emsley b: 1839 NC d. 1910 Randolph Co, NC was a Sergeant in the Civil War, Rachel b: 1841 NC d. ABT. 1900 m. William C. Welch.
Mary "Polly" Albright b: 1798 NC m. George Clendenin

Note: Mrs. F.N. Peters, a family historian of Arlington, Virginia, found the pension application of Jacob Albright's son, Henry, which states that he was born on May 4, 1759, in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and about four years later "removed to Orange County, where he has resided ever since."
Corpl. and Sgt. American Rev., Pensioned.
Source: 1. Stockard, Sallie -- 1900 -- "History of Alamance."
2. Albright, Augustus Garland -- 1916 -- "Some Data on the Albright Family." 3, Offman, David Isaiah -- 1974 -- "The Albright Family."
4. McClain, Claribel Albright -- 1941 -- "Some Records of the Albright Family." 5. Albright, Shannon D. -- 1981 -- "The Albrights."
-- 1982 -- "The Albrights" -- 2nd Edition
-- 1989 -- "The Albrights" -- Supplement No. 1

7. Martha Catherine Albright b: 1763 Berks Co, PA d. BEF. 1880 m. John Sharp m. ABT. 1782 Orange Co, NC.

Maria Sharp b: 1783
Catherine "Katie" Sharp b: 1785
Philopena "Penna" Sharp b: 1787
Barbara Sharp b: 1789
Sarah "Sallie" Sharp b: 1791

8. Daniel A. Albright, Sr. b: 24 JUN 1765 Berks Co, PA d. 13 FEB 1831 Guilford Co, NC b. Quaker Graveyard in Guilford Co, NC m. Catherine "Katie" Loy b: 12 MAY 1771 Orange Co, NC m. 1789 Almanance Co, NC b. St. Paul's Cem.

While Daniel was at Guilford, North Carolina, visiting his son, William, who had married Elizabeth Ballenger, Daniel took sick and died there on February 13, 1831. The weather was too bad to take him to his home in Alamance County, so he was buried in the Quaker Graveyard in Guilford. Daniel's wife, Catherine Loy Albright, was buried in St. Paul's Church Cemetery.

Jacob Albright b: 13 JUL 1791 NC d. 5 MAY 1847 NC m. Sarah "Sallie" Albright m. 8 OCT 1819 Orange Co, NC. Children: Elizabeth Catherine b: 14 AUG 1822 m. Simpson Efland, Rebecca Jane b: 8 AUG 1824 d. JUL 1887, Sarah P. b: 15 APR 1827 d. 18 DEC 1891 m. Irwin Donnell, Daniel E. b: 21 JUL 1830 d. 12 APR 1917 m. Julia W. Kirkpatrick m. 24 NOV 1852 ‎(Children: Joseph Franklin b: 31 AUG 1854, Ada Mendora b: 30 MAY 1858, Maggie Verena b: 2 APR 1861, Bettie Celestia b: 15 OCT 1863, Julia K. b: 2 JAN 1866. Daniel remarried E.V. Purvis b: 2 SEP 1848 m. 27 APR 1870 Children: Nina May b: 10 SEP 1872, James Alexander b: 27 SEP 1874, Fred Purvis, Sr. b: 3 AUG 1878, Daniel Miller b: 28 DEC 1883, Lonnie Glenn Sr. b: 31 JUL 1891)‎, George Washington b: 24 MAR 1833 d. 20 AUG 1874 b. Antioch Cem in Holt, MO m. Martha Julia Westbrooke, Julia A. b: 20 MAR 1835, James R. b: 27 SEP 1835, Jacob A. b: 29 MAR 1837, Martha A. b: 10 FEB 1842, William Madison b: 9 MAY 1845 d. 14 JUN 1899 m. Josephine Roxanne Rankin, May Caroline b: 10 JUL 1846.
George Albright b: 21 AUG 1793 NC d. 26 OCT 1868 m. Martha "Patsy" Albright b: 8 JAN 1802 NC m. 14 JAN 1819 Orange Co, NC. Children: Jesse b: ABT. 1820 d. 9 FEB 1845, Martha b: 24 NOV 1822 d. 2 FEB 1905 m. John Brower, Daniel b: 24 JAN 1825 d. 17 APR 1900, Julia b: 1827 d. in infancy, Thomas b: ABT. 1828 d. 20 JUN 1854, Robert M. b: ABT. 1829 m. Margaret Reese, Frances b: ABT. 1830 d. in infancy, James Washington, Sr. b: 16 AUG 1835 Greensboro, NC d. 17 DEC 1917 Asheville, NC in May 1862, enlisted in the army and served throughout the war as an ordnance Sergeant in the Fifth Battalion of Light Artillery. He become half owner of the Greensboro Times. At the age of sixteen he became an apprentice printer in the office of the Greensboro Patriot. In 1856 he began a partnership with E.W. Ogburn and C.C. Cole as publishers of the Greensboro Times, an independent literary weekly. This venture lasted until the war, when Ogburn died and Cole entered the army, and Albright joined Sterling and J.D. Campbell in a new printing firm. In May 1862, he enlisted in the army and served throughout the war as an ordinance sergeant in the Fifth Battalion of Light Artillery. After the war he returned to Greensboro and to publishing: The Patriot and Patriot and Times ‎(1868-1876)‎: The Beacon ‎(1880-1881)‎, a Democratic Greenback weekly; and the Daily Bugle ‎(1883-1884)‎, an organ of the new tobacco interests. He was briefly city editor of the North State and the Daily Record ‎(1890-1892)‎ before he removed to Asheville in 1892, where he lived the remainder of his life, and where he was city editor of the Morning Gazette and then publisher of the Ballot Box ‎(1894-1895)‎, a publication journal. m. Celeste Crowson Children:
‎(James Washington, Jr, George B. He remarried Martha "Mattie" S. Purvis b: ABT. 1836 m. FEB. Children: Clara, Luther, Pattie.)‎ Note: In Alamance County, five miles south of Graham, is Mount Harmon ‎(Hermon)‎ Church. George, son of Daniel and Catherine Loy Albright, gave this track for a burying ground and many of the old Albrights were laid to rest there. Just two miles west of Mt. Harmon is the old Stoner Church where Jacob Albright, grandson of Henrich, was buried. The exact place is not known because most of the graves were only marked by a small rock protruding from the ground. There is no record of a name cut in the stone. What information that is available has been obtained mostly from family records usually found in the big old Bibles. However, some of the graves have soap stone markers but age has darkened these stones so much that the records are difficult to copy. Near Alamance is the old St. Paul Church graveyard where many Albright records are found. Just south of Alamance County is Chatham where the Pleasant Hill Christian Church is located. Near by, at the old Cane Creek Quaker Church, founded in 1751, where many Albright records are found. Then in Guilford County, at Greensboro, is the Buffalo Presbyterian Church which was organized in 1756 by David Caldwell. Here, in the older section of the cemetery, Albright markers predominate. Research by: Claribel Albright McLain of St. Joseph, Missouri.
Sophia Albright b: 3 OCT 1796 d. 23 OCT 1878 b. St. Paul's Church Cem in Alamance Co, NC m. Daniel "Flat Rock" Albright
William Albright b: 25 APR 1798 Orange, NC d. 12 AUG 1873 Knightstown, Henry, IN m. Elizabeth Ballenger. William & Elizabeth remained in North Carolina until 1833, when they left in a covered wagon for the wilderness of IN. They settled in the woods two miles north of Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana, built a farm and raised a family of twelve children. Children: Letitia b: 22 DEC 1822 NC, Eliza b: 22 DEC 1822 NC, Madison L. b: 16 MAY 1826 NC, Rebecca b: 12 MAR 1828 NC, Katherine b: 31 MAY 1830 NC, Mary b: 6 JUN 1832, Robert Butler b: 22 JAN 1837 IN, Cecelia b: 8 SEP 1839 IN, William H. b: 4 SEP 1841 IN, John b: 1848 IN, Joel Emery b: 17 NOV 1848 IN, Melinda A. b: 6 SEP 1851 IN.
Daniel Albright, Jr. b: 12 DEC 1802 Orange Co, N.C. d. 22 JAN 1887 Clay Co b. Antioch Cem in Holt, MO m. Amelia T. M "Millie" Holt. Children: William Holton b: 16 SEP 1827 Orange Co, NC, Sarah W. b: 7 JAN 1830 NC, Rebecca "Becky" b: 1833, Jeremiah Lewis b: 25 SEP 1835 NC, Elizabeth "Betty" b: 1836 NC, Eliza "Lyda" A. b: 14 JAN 1837 NC, Joel Thomas b: 1843 MO, Amelia "Mary" Temperance b: 17 MAR 1847 MO.
Henry Albright b: 1804 NC d. 1850 Clay Co, MO. m. Lydia Filbina "Lettie" Fouts. Henry & Lydia went from Pennsylvania to Indiana in 1826. Moved to Clay County, Missouri in 1838. Henry died on his way to the gold fields of California in 1849.
Elias Albright b: 1805 near Greensboro, NC d. 1863 Clay Co, MO m. Elizabeth Hobbs b: 13 JUL 1803 m. 28 OCT 1822. Elias remarried Mary "Polly" Woodburn b: ABT. 1811 Greensboro, NC m. 12 OCT 1831 Guilford Co, NC. Children: Emily b: 1835 NC, Hannah b: 1839 NC, Catherine b: 1840 NC, Jesse Newton b: 1841 NC, Mary M. "Mollie" b: 1846 MO, Tabitha Jane "Jennie" b: 1848 MO, John M. b: 1850 MO, Marjorie M. b: 1853 MO.
Joel Albright b: 10 JUL 1813 NC d. 19 JAN 1891 Skidmore, MO m. Catherine A. Holt b: 25 APR 1815 NC m. 15 JUL 1832 NC. Children: William Madison b: 26 JUL 1833 Orange Co, NC, Daniel Monroe b: 6 MAR 1835, Katherine Jane b: 13 APR 1837, Jerry L. b: 17 NOV 1838, George Washington b: 22 MAR 1841, Josephine b: 22 APR 1843, Louisa Josie b: 22 APR 1844, Henry Clay b: 22 MAR 1845, Rachael Tabitha b: 16 DEC 1848 Clay Co, MO, Thomas b: 25 NOV 1850, Sarah V. b: 23 MAY 1852, Benjamin F. b: 30 MAY 1856, D. Joseph "Doc" b: 30 MAY 1856, Martha Elizabeth b: 23 SEP 1861
Lewis Albright b: 10 JUL 1816 d. 23 MAR 1861 NC b. Cane Creek Church Cem in Alamance Co, NC m. Elizabeth Albright b: 22 SEP 1817. Children: William b: 1844 d. 1862, Sarah b: 1846 m. Henry C. Johnson, Louisa J. b: 1848, Daniel A. b: 1850 d. 1929 Alamance Co, N.C. m. Bethunia V. Carter, Thomas G. b: 1852 d. 1854, Emily A. b: 1855 d. 1855.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery Records:
The Church and Cemetery is located in Alamance County, N.C.
ALBRIGHT, Catherine -- 13 May 1772 - 23 Sep 1856
w/o Daniel A ALBRIGHT; Born a LOY

ALBRIGHT, Daniel A -- 24 Jun 1765 - 13 Feb 1831
h/o Catharine Loy ALBRIGHT; Some say Daniel A. is buried in a Quaker graveyard in Guilford Co. He died while visiting. s/o Jacob & Sophia C WELDER ALBRIGHT.

ALBRIGHT, Sophia -- 3 Oct 1796 - 22 Oct 1878
w/o Daniel ALBRIGHT; d/o Daniel A. & Catharine "Katie" LOY ALBRIGHT

9. George Albright b: 1761 Berks Co, PA d. 1838 Alamance Co, NC b. Stoners Church Cem m. Barbara Catherine "Kate" Holt b: 1770 Almanance Co, N.C. d. 1829 m. ABT. 1790.

Note: George donated the land for Mt. Harmon ‎(Herman)‎ Cemetery in Alamance County. Both he and his wife are buried there.
Source: 1. Stockard, Sallie -- 1900 -- "History of Alamance."
2. Albright, Augustus Garland -- 1916 -- "Some Data on the Albright Family." 3, Offman, David Isaiah -- 1974 -- "The Albright Family."
4. McClain, Claribel Albright -- 1941 -- "Some Records of the Albright Family." 5. Albright, Shannon D. -- 1981 -- "The Albrights."
-- 1982 -- "The Albrights" -- 2nd Edition-- 1989 -- "The Albrights" -- Supplement No. 1

William Albright b: 1 OCT 1791 d. 17 OCT 1856 Chatham Co, NC m. Louisa Wood. Children: Elizabeth b: 22 SEP 1817 d. 19 JUN 1877 m. Lewis Albright, Julia b: 2 OCT 1820 d. 22 JUN 1885 m. David Carter, Margaret b: 9 MAR 1822 d. 26 AUG 1846 m. Calvin Johnson, Tamar b: 9 MAR 1822 d. 26 AUG 1846 m. Larkin Vestal, Durant Hatch b: 12 AUG 1826 d. 3 NOV 1913 b. Pleasent Hill Church Cem in Alamance Co, NC. Durant studied medicine at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, graduated in 1851. He was the first doctor to practice in his home locality who had graduated from a medical school. In those days, when a man wanted to practice medicine, he apprenticed himself to a doctor for several years. Then after a year at medical school, he "hung out his shingle." The old surgical instruments that D.H. used in his practice are kept by his son, Walter H., and are quite antique compared with the modern surgical instruments of today. D. H. Albright owned twenty-five slaves and was a staunch Democrat. The following is a deed for slaves given by Crabtree Siler to his daughter, Sylvina Albright in 1855: "Know all men by these present that I Crabtree Siler of Chatham County and State of North Carolina hath given to D.H. Albright and my daughter Sylvina Albright all the negro slaves in their possession, to wit: Harry thirty years of age Mary twenty-eight years old Jane fourteen years of age Nancy nine years of age Mahala six years of age to have and to hold said slaves and their increase during their life-time then to be equally divided between her children if any otherwise to return to her brother Samuel F. Siler and his children to have and to hold the same free from any claim by me or other person in by or through me. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal, this 18th day of July 1855. Signed and sealed in presence of S. Siler. ‎(Seal)‎ Crabtree Siler" ‎(There were no punctuation marks in the deed)‎After the Civil War, the South was disfranchised by the carpet beggers of the North for rebellion against the government. So at the request of Jonathan Worth and John Gilmore, who was once prominently mentioned for the vice-presidency, Governor Holden of North Carolina applied to President Johnson for pardon for Durant Hatch Albright. The request was granted about two months after Lee's surrender. The following is a copy of the pardon which was, in 1941, in possession of D.H. Albright's son, Walter H. Albright: "Andrew Johnson, President of the United States of America, ‎(to all to whom these presents shall come greeting:)‎ "Whereas, D.H. Albright of Chatham County, North Carolina, by taking part in the late rebellion against the Government of the United States, has made himself liable to heavy pains and penalties. "And whereas, the circumstances of this case render him a proper object of Executive clemency. "Now, therefore, be it known, that I, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States of America, in consideration of the premises, divers other good and sufficient reasons me thereunto moving, do hereby grant to the said D.H. Albright, a full pardon and amnesty for all offences by him committed, arising from participation, direct or indirect, in the said rebellion, conditioned as follows, viz: this pardon to begin and take effect from the day on which the said D.H. Albright shall take the oath prescribed in the Proclamation of the President, dated May 29, 1865, and to be void and of no effect it the said D.H. Albright shall hereafter, at any time, acquire any property whatever in slaves, or make use of slave labor. "And upon further condition that the said D>H. Albright shall notify the Secretary of State, in writing, that he has received and accepted the foregoing pardon.
"In testimony whereof, I have hereunto signed my name and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed. "Done at the City of Washington, this twenty-fourth day of June, A.D., 1865, and of the Independence of the United States the Eighty-ninth. By the President Andrew Johnson. W. Hunter, Acting Secretary of State." As it happened, disfranchisement lasted only one year. However, no one knew at the beginning how long it would last. In order to avoid any further trouble, D. H. Albright gave the negroes who worked for him after the war a receipt showing that they had received money for their labor. The following is a copy of a receipt, the original of which was kept by his son, Walter H. Albright: "Rc'd of D.H. Albright my former master ten dollars in full for work done for him since the Surrender of General John's Army last spring. Nov. 11th, 1865 George Albright Wm. Lashley X " "Rc'd of D.H. Albright my former master ten dollars in full of account for work done for him and Alfred Horniday since the Surrender of General John's Army last spring. Nov. 11th, 1865 Rencher Albright. William Gaston Albright b: 8 FEB 1829 d. 2 JUN 1884 m. Barbara Ann Trollinger, Sarah Eleanor b: 8 FEB 1832 d. 1 MAY 1908 m. Thomas C. Dixon, Mary b: 24 JUL 1834 d. 7 APR 1870 b. Pleasant Hill Cemetery, NC m. William Johnson, Emily Ann b: 30 NOV 1836 d. 12 JUL 1921 Alamance Co, NC m. William Johnson Stockard, Martha b: 2 JAN 1840 d. 28 MAR 1926 m. John Wood, Henry Clay b: 13 JUL 1842. Note: Cpt. Henry Clary b. 13 JUL 1842 Death: 27 OCT 1864 in Civil War -- Winder Hospital, Richmond, Virginia. Note: Capt. Henry C. Albright, a Confederate officer of the 26th North Carolina Regiment, was killed in battle near Petersburg, Virginia. Henry Clay, child of William and Louisa Wood Albright, had a very interesting war record. At the beginning of the Civil War in 1861, he was among the first volunteers from Chatham County, North Carolina. Mr. Vance, then Governor of that state, took special interest in Henry Clay's company and soon he became a Captain. During the war, Vance sent Captain Henry to Snow Camp to get recruits. There, he found strong union sentiments and was not successful in getting any one to enlist. He went to his brother's house, Durant Hatch Albright, and wrote his information in a letter to Vance. His brother warned him against the capture of this news by Union forces and sure enough his letter was intercepted in the mail by northern troops and published widely by northern papers. Captain Henry fought in the Battle of Gettysburg and went into Picket's famous charge. As history tells, he went into battle on July 1, 1863, with over 800 men in his regiment and only 216 came out unhurt. The next day, the regiment was engaged again and only 80 survived. This proves that the 26th North Carolinians from Chatham County showed unusual bravery and heroic courage. Captain Henry was wounded in the head in the Battle of Squirrel Level near Petersburg and died in Winder Hospital 27 days later. His hat still bears the bullet holes and blood. Henry's uniform and hat along with a sword captured from a Union soldier of rank, which had been handed down to his nephew, Walter Hatch Albright, are in the state museum at Raliegh, North Carolina. Gen. George Pickett's charge across a mile of open field led to the Confederacy loss at the Battle of Gettysburg and is considered the turning point of the Civil War. Of Picket's 15,000 troops, more than half were killed, captured or injured.

Pleasant Hill Christian Church, Alamance Co., N.C.:
Capt. Henry C. Albright Description: 26 Regt NC Troops CSA Jul 13 1842 Oct 27 1864

Mary "Polly" Albright b: 1795 NC d. 1884 m. Seymour Puryear
Hannah Albright b: ABT. 1796 NC m. Anderson Thompson
‎(Methodist)‎ Rev, Alexander "Alex" Albright b: 16 AUG 1798 Alamance Co, NC d. 18 AUG 1843 Almance Co, NC b. Mt. Harmon Methodist Cem in Alamance Co, N.C. m. Rachel Thompson. Children: George m. Sarah Albright, Annie m. Jacob Garrett, William J. b: ABT. 1830 m. Mary Cheek, Samuel d. in Civil War, Newton m. Hester Hornaday, Peggy never married, Sally never married, Nancy never married, Polly b: 25 OCT 1824 m. Joseph Conklin Thompson, Caroline m. Joseph Thompson, Cornella b: 1840
Lettie "Catey" Albright b: ABT. 1800 NC m. John Patterson
Eleanor "Nellie" Albright b: 20 JUN 1802 NC d. 25 NOV 1860 Alamance Co, NC m. William Euliss
Tamar Albright b: ABT. 1804 m. Enoch Crutchfield
Rev. Alvis Albright b: 1806 Chatham, NC d. MAR 1881 Independence Co, AK m. Mary A. "Polly" Stockard. Children: Samuel b: & d. 1835 Chatham Co, NC, George A. b: 1836 Chatham Co, NC d. 1870 NC went to California in 1859, lost his health, came back home in 1870, shortly after which he died, Alson Gray b: 9 OCT 1838 Chatham Co, NC d. 24 DEC 1932 Mt. Pleasant, AK was an Arkansas Confederate Veteran. Also in his younger days was a merchant. At one time, he owned the largest cotton gin in that section of the country. He joined the Confederate Army in August 1861, and was discharged at Corinth, Mississippi, in March, 1862, and went home. In the following August he re-enlisted. During the war, he was a regimental carpenter in General Lee's Army and served throughout the war. He was, again, mustered out of service after the surrender at Appomattox. Alson and Sarah Screws Albright lived at Barren Fork, Arkansas, now called Mt. Pleasant. Alson G. married Sarah E. Screws on 22 July 1869. Source: Independence County, Arkansas -- Marriage Records., Nancy Ann b: 1844 Chatham, NC m. Frank Reed Shell, Julia Ellen b: 1845 Chatham, NC d. 20 MAR 1932 m. James Peterson "J.P." Montgomery, Polly b: ABT. 1847 Chatham, NC d. in childhood Chatham Co, NC, William Randolph b: 6 NOV 1850 Batesville, Independence, AK d. AFT. 21 NOV 1928 Cave City, AK was an employee of Barnett Bros. Mercantile Co., of Batesville, Arkansas., Franklin "Frank" Pierce b: 1854 Batesville, Independence, AK d. Batesville, AK, Mary Jane b: 8 DEC 1855 Batesville, Independence, AK d. 5 JUL 1930 Batesville, AK m. Joseph M. Younger, Harriette Ella b: 27 FEB 1858 Batesville, Independence, AK d. 28 DEC 1903 Cave City, AK m. Aurelius Gilbert Gray
Michael "Mike" Albright b: ABT. 1812 d. Alamance Co, N.C. m. Cornelia Clendenen. Children: Jane b: 1837, Mary A. b: 1841, Lettie b: 1843, Frances "Fannie" b: 1845, Martha E. b: 1847, George Haywood b: 1850, Rebecca b: 1854, Tamar, Dora, Callie, Sallie.

George Albright remarried Katy b: ABT. 1776 m. ABT. 1815.

Sallie Albright b: 14 MAY 1816 d. 10 OCT 1880 m. James Rogers Albright

Wm. Lashley X ".. Note: William Albright, a wealthy land owner, served as state senator from Chatham County, 1836-1848. He was leader of a group who planned & financed the first railroad in North Carolina; the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad. His occupation was that of a farming and merchandising. He knew personally many of the leading men of that day. In politics he was a Whig. He served Chatham County in the Legislature both as Senator and Representative. He strongly opposed the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, and wrote his sentiments to several of the national leaders. He was of dental disposition, loved by everybody, and drew his political support from both the Whig and Democrats. He died before the great social upheaval of 1861, and was spared the sight of brother arrayed against brother in battle strife.

Note: Jacob Albright, Hendrich's grandson, was the first Albright to emigrate to North Carolina from Pennsylvania prior to the Revolutionary war. With him he brought the old German Bible by Martin Luther. It contained the old family records telling of his grandfather settling in New York and of his father, John, moving to Pennsylvania. He settled in Orange County, now Alamance, near Mt. Harmon Church. The Bible has passed thru many hands. while Durant Hatch Albright of George was visiting at a friend's house over night near Burlington, N.C. he saw this book, asked for it and it was given him. In 1941 it was in the possession of his daughter, Mrs. Decie Albright Robertson of Washington, D.C. Sgt. Jacob was a drummer in the Revolutionary War and was pensioned. He is buried in the Stoner Church grave yard where he was an Elder. Stoner's Church, now on Rufus Dale's farm, Alamance County, North Carolina which is about 6 miles south of Burlington, North Carolina. Jacob Albright served in the North Carolina Militia before July 4, 1776, as he was detached for special service August 20, 1776. Jacob moved to Orange County after January 1763. He died in Orange County, N.C. He was one of the founders of "Stoner Church", which was organized after 1758 and one of its first Elders.
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Jacob Albright
Provided by Tim Mitchell of Wellington, New Zealand
Copy of will at NC Archives, Raleigh, NC
In the name of God amen; I Jacob Albright Senior of Orange County and Province of No. Carolina Planter Being very sick and weak in body, but of Perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God. Calling unto mind the mortallity of my Body do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner following: I recommend my soul into the hand of Almighty God that gave it and my Body I Recommend to the Earth to be Buried in decent Christian burial at the Discration of my Executors. And as toutching such Worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this Life I give Devise and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form. ~
First I give and bequeath to Cathrin my dearly beloved wife during her widowhood or natural life possesion of the Dwelling house wherein I now live also one fourth part of my Orchard and garden also one Cow and four sheep to be Wintered by my son George to be his with their increase at her Death also her mintenence during life off the plantation whereon I now live also what money she may necessarily want to be suplied her at the Discration of my Executors out of my Estate also one Bed and furniture one third of the flax and lining Cloth now on the place one iron pot one kittle full share of all house furniture. –
I give to my son George one hundred and seventy acres of land whereon I now live also all the Crop in barn or in the feild all the hogs two horses Gears for two horses one Large family Bible one Great Coat one stove one table on Dresser all the Chairs in the house also at the Death of his mother one iron pot one kittle and one loom. –
I give to my sons John Jacob and Joseph to Each the plantations they now possess also Each to have one Equal part of all my Estate which shall be sold my three sons John Jacob and Joseph above named each to pay fifteen pounds hard money for the use of my Daughters I give to my son Henery the plantation where he now lives also one Equal part of all my Estate that shall be sold I give and bequeath to my son David the plantation which he now posesses also one Equal part of all my estate that shall be sold I give and bequeath to my two Daughters Sophia and Cathrin to Each twenty five pounds hard money also Each one Equal part of my property that shall be sold I further Devise that after my Death all my property not above desposed shall be sold and Equally devided among all my Eight Children John Jacob and Joseph Each to pay fifteen pounds out of their part as above mentioned which shall be so much of the fifty pounds bequeathed to my two Daughters all the Estate or property of which my wife shall be possest at her Death not otherwise disposed of shall be sold and Equally Devided amongst all my Eight Children after the payment of my lawful debts. –
I make and ordain my son John Albright and Ludwick Clap my whole and sole Executors of this my last will and testament. And I do hereby utterly disallow and revoke all former testaments wills Legasies and executors ratifying and Confirming This and no other to be my last will and testament. –
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty Eight Day of July in the year of Our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and ninety one. –
Jacob Albright

Signed Sealed published pronounced and
Declared by the said Jacob Albright
As his last will and testament in Exm Qualified

The presence of us. –
William Ray
???, alias , Boston Sharp, Jurat

Wife of Jonathan Albright:
JULIANA HUTZELL ALBRIGHT: - Meyersdale Republican - July 14, 1927 - Death of Juliana Albright - The subject of this sketch who was one of Salisbury's oldest & most respected women, died at an early hour Mon. morning, the 11th inst., at the home of her son-in-law & daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Chauncey Meese, with whom she had been making her home since April 1922. In Oct. of that same year Mrs. Albright became afflicted with gangrene from which malady the doctors could not free her, & in time other ailments developed causing her to suffer intensely most of the time during her long affliction, until death came to her relief. All that loving hands could do for the aged sufferer was done by Mr. & Mrs. Meese & their children, but the best that could be done gave only temporary relief. However, Mrs. Albright bore her affliction bravely to the end, & died with an abiding faith in God & in the hope of a glorious immortality. Mrs. Albright was a daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. John Hutzel & was the wife of the late Jonathan Albright, the latter dying 31 yrs. ago. She was the mother of eleven children, seven of whom preceded her to the grave. Her four surviving children are Minerva Ellen, wife of Chauncey Meese, of this place; Ida, widow of the late Wilson Gomer, of Keystone Junction; Elda, wife of Joseph Beal, of Meyersdale; & Frank of Masontown, Pa. She is also survived by a large number of grandchildren, as well as by one brother, John Hutzel, & one sister, Mrs. Isaac Lint. She was aged 83 yrs., 5 mos. & 6 days. She was a faithful member of the Lutheran church. Her remains will be taken to the undertaking rooms of W.C. Price of Meyersdale where they were prepared for burial. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. S. D. Sigler, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church of Salisbury, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beal, in Meyersdale, at 2 o'clock Wed. afternoon, the 13th inst. Interment was made in the Meyersdale cemetery. Mrs. Chauncey Meese, one of Mrs. Albright's daughters, was unable to attend her mother's funeral, owing to being taken seriously ill very suddenly last Sat. night. Her condition is still quite serious, & she is in the hands of a trained nurse at her home.

Tombstone Inscriptions for Jonathan and Julianna Hutzel and family:
Albright Jonathan * * Aug 27 1897 61 0 2 Soldier GAR
Albright Albert * 1870 * 1917
Albright John C. * * Sep 9 1887 21 11 14
Jonathan's brother:
Albright Jacob Jan 27 1847 Mar 1 1913
Albright Dorothea * * May 27 1899 48 7 9 Wife J.
Jonathan's brother:
Albright Peter * 1844 * 1930 Soldier GAR
Grandson of John Jr. Albright
Albright Jesse Sep 23 1856 Sep 25 1899
Albright Lucy Apr 12 1864 Jan 6 1932 ‎(wife)‎
Albright Sarah * * Aug 8 1903 44 4 10 Wife Ross ‎(another grandson)‎

Henry Albright
Provided by Tim Mitchell of Wellington, New Zealand
Copy of will at NC Archives, Raleigh, NC
In the name of God Amen
I Henry Albright of the County of Orange & State of North Carolinain bodily health & perfect mind & memory, calling to minf the Mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die I do make & ordain this my last will & testament; and principally & first of all I give my Soul to God who gave it, & my Body to the dust to be Buried in a Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named, & my wordly property wherewith it has pleased God to bless me, I give demise & dispose of the same in the following manner, & form Viz – first I give & bequeath to my son Joseph Albright after my Decease the plantation whereon I now live = I give & beqeath to my Daughter Catherin or the heirs of her Body Lawfully begotten one Negro girl by the name of Nelly & Fifty Dollars = I give & bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth & the Heirs of her Body Lawfully Begotten one Negro girl by the name of June, & Fifty Dollars = I give & bequeath to my Daugther Polly & the heirs of her Body Lawfully Begotten one Negro girl by the name of Julia, & One hundred & Fifty Dollars = My will & desire is that my two Oldest Negroes Alen & Aga be kept together, & my other Negroes not heretofores dispos’d of, be Divided among all my Children also my other property of every description to be equally divided among all my Children – And I do Constitute my Sons Nicholas & Joseph Jointly Executors of this my last will & Testament
In Witness whereof I have set my hand & seal 28th August 1837
Signed & Sealed in Henry X Albright
presence of - mark
Levin Wood ‎(?)‎
Daniel Webb jurat

N.B. Intestin’d before sign’d
Exm qualifd
It was proved in open Ct that he died 2nd June 1840

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Family with Parents
Johannes Ludwig Albrecht ‎(I698)‎
Birth 19 December 1697 29 27 Bayern Pfalz, GER/Austria
Death December 1752 ‎(Age 54)‎ Bern., Berks, PA
1 year
Anna Barbara Gossauer ‎(I775)‎
Birth 1699 29 23 Reisbach, SWITZ
Death 1764 ‎(Age 65)‎ Bern, Berks, PA

Marriage: 1715 -- GER
14 months
Matelina Magdalena "Mary" Albrecht ‎(I685)‎
Birth 20 February 1716 18 17 Swabia, GER
Death 19 April 1789 ‎(Age 73)‎ Bern, Berks, PA
4 years
Anna Barbara Albrecht ‎(I776)‎
Birth 10 October 1719 21 20 Bavaria, GER
Death 1 March 1802 ‎(Age 82)‎ Bellemont, Almance, N. C
7 years
John Christian Albrecht ‎(I777)‎
Birth 9 October 1726 28 27 Bavaria, GER
Death 1 May 1784 ‎(Age 57)‎ Bern, Berks, PA
5 years
Lodawick "Ludwig" Albrecht ‎(I778)‎
Birth 10 November 1731 33 32 Bayern, GER
Death 16 November 1810 ‎(Age 79)‎ Guilford Co, N. C.
3 years
Judith Albrecht ‎(I779)‎
Birth 1 June 1734 36 35 Oley, Berks, PA
Death 1763 ‎(Age 28)‎ Berks Co, PA
-6 years
Jacob Albrecht ‎(I784)‎
Birth 10 October 1728 30 29 Wurrentberg, GER
Death 28 July 1891 ‎(Age 162)‎ Orange Co., N. C.
-5 years
Christiana Albrecht ‎(I1063)‎
Birth 1724 26 25 GER
9 years
Magdelene Albrecht ‎(I1064)‎
Birth 1733 35 34 GER