John Christian Albrecht John Christian Albrecht  ‎(I777)‎
John Christian Albrecht

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 9 October 1726 28 27 Bavaria, GER
Death: 1 May 1784 ‎(Age 57)‎ Bern, Berks, PA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 9 October 1726 28 27 Bavaria, GER

Death 1 May 1784 ‎(Age 57)‎ Bern, Berks, PA

Burial 3 May 1784 ‎(2 days after death)‎ Swhwartzwald Reform Church In Exeter, PA

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Parents Family  (F186)
Johannes Ludwig Albrecht
1697 - 1752
Anna Barbara Gossauer
1699 - 1764
Matelina Magdalena "Mary" Albrecht
1716 - 1789
Anna Barbara Albrecht
1719 - 1802
John Christian Albrecht
1726 - 1784
Lodawick "Ludwig" Albrecht
1731 - 1810
Judith Albrecht
1734 - 1763
Jacob Albrecht
1728 - 1891
Christiana Albrecht
1724 -
Magdelene Albrecht
1733 -


Johann Christian Albright, Sr b. 9 OCT 1726 Bavaria, GER d. 1 MAY 1784 Bern, Berks, PA m. Elizabeth Gertrude Rick b: 6 JUL 1722 Oley, Berk, PA d. 12 DEC 1797 Bern, Berks, PA m. 1745 Reformed Church in Berks Co, PA. Both b. Eplers Church Cemetery in Leesport, Berks, PA.

Note: John Christian Albright was a wheelwright by trade,and lived in Alsace Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.......Wheelwright is one whose occupation is to make or repair wheels and wheeled vehicles. "The Family of John Foust and Barbara Albrecht and Allied Families" by Mozette Foust, page 118 Victoria Public Library 302 N. Main Victoria, TX 77901 G 929.2 FAU.

Christian married Elizabeth Rick in 1745 and had 13 children. This couple lived and died in Berks County. They were members of the Bern Reform Church of Berks County. Christian became one of the largest land owners in this section of Pennsylvania.


1. Anna Elizabeth Albright b: 15 MAY 1746 Oley, Berks, PA d. 12 NOV 1839 Guilford Co, NC m. George Valentine Clapp b: 17 APR 1739 Oley, Berks, PA d. 12 Oct 1773 Guilford Co, NC m. 4 JUL 1766 Berks Co, PA. Both b. Brick United Church of Christ Cem in Guilford Co, NC.

Jacob ‎(Miller)‎ Clapp b: 11 DEC 1767 NC d. 4 May 1812 Guilford Co, NC m. Eva Cortner b. 15 MAY 1770 d. 12 JUN 1851 NC m. 17 JAN 1790. Both b. Brick United Church of Christ in Guilford Co, NC.
Tobias Clapp b: 7 APR 1772
Elizabeth Clapp b: 21 JAN 1774 Alamance Co, NC d. 9 Sep 1842 Guilford Co, NC m. Daniel Albright b. 30 JAN 1771 NC d. 26 APR 1843 NC m. 9 OCT 1792 in Brick Church in Guilford Co, NC. Both b. Brick United Church of Christ Cem in Guildford Co, NC.
John Philip Clapp b: 27 NOV 1774 NC.
John George "Brickhouse" Clapp b: 14 SEP 1776 NC d. 3 Apr 1846 Guilford Co, PA m. Elizabeth Albright b. 13 OCT 1781 NC d. 29 DEC 1843 NC m. ABT 24 JAN 1798 NC. Both b. Brick United Church of Christ in Guilford Co, NC.
Anna Margaret Clapp b. 16 AUG 1778 NC d. 20 JUL 1780 NC b. Brick United Church of Christ Cem in Guilford Co, NC.
Anna Maria Clapp b: 28 APR 1781 NC d. 6 MAY 1781 NC.
William Henry Clapp b. 9 JUN 1784 Guilford Co, NC d. 13 MAR 1810 NC m. Anna Philipena Albright b. 13 APR 1788 d. 27 JAN 1858 NC m. 18 DEC 1806 in Brick Church in Guilford Co, NC. Both b. Brick United Church of Christ Cem in Guilford Co, NC.
Col, Daniel Clapp b: 19 JUL 1787 Guilford Co, NC d. 9 NOV 1872 NC b. St Marks Cem in NC m. Polly Maria Holt b. 7 AUG 1785 d. 5 AUG 1866 m. 24 MAR 1807 in Brick Church in Guilford Co, NC.

2. John Christian Albright, Jr. b: 26 FEB 1747/48 Berks Co, PA d. 28 FEB 1820 Upper Bern, Berks, PA m. Maria Elizabeth Althouse b: 12 AUG 1754 Berks Co, NP d. 1 MAY 1799 Berks Co, Pa m. 27 MAY 1776 Berks Co, PA. Both b. St. Michael's Union Church in Tilden, Berks, PA.

Gabriel Albright b. & d. abt. 1777 Berks Co, PA.
Anna Marie Albright b: 1778 Berks Co, PA d. 1861 m. Jacob Shartle
George Albright b: ABT. 1780 Berks Co, PA d. 1845 Crier Point, Perry, PA m. Elizabeth Tinicle b. abt. 1781 m. abt. 1801 PA. Children: Esther b: ABT. 1802 PA d. abt. 1870 m. Stephen Lay b: ABT. 1798 d. abt. 1870 m. ABT. 1820 PA, John b: ABT. 1803 PA d. 1887 Carlisle Springs, Cumburland Co, PA m. Miss Lane b: ABT. 1805 d. abt. 1890 m. ABT. 1823 PA, George b: ABT. 1804 PA d. abt. 1888 m. Elizabeth Lay b: ABT. 1806 d. abt. 1888 m. ABT. 1825 PA, William b: ABT. 1806 PA d. 1871 PA m. Miss Ensalinger b: ABT. 1807 m. ABT. 1825 PA, Elizabeth b: ABT. 1807 PA d. abt. 1870 PA m. George Messenger b: ABT. 1801 m. ABT. 1826, Solomon b. 22 Apr 1819 PA m. Caroline Corman b. 6 Apr 1820 Cumberland Co, PA d. 5 Feb 1897 Cumberland Co, PA; both b. CARLISLE SPRINGS Church Cem in Cumberland Co, PA.
Mary Catherine Albright b: ABT. 1782 Berks Co, PA d. 1854 m. George Wagoner b. 1776 d. 1857 m. abt. 1812 PA.
William Albright b: 1784 Berks Co, PA d. 1822 Berks Co, PA m. Maria Shartle b. 1784 m. ABT. 1809 PA. Children: Sarah b: 1810 PA m. William Shearer, Sr b. 1806 m. ABT. 1828, William b: 1811 PA d. abt. 1880 m. Bettie Fenstermacher ‎(Children: Willoughby, Mary, Emma, Henry, LaFayette L. b: 1856 d. 1933 b. Center Hill Cem Near Crocket, TX)‎, John b. 1812 PA m. Sarah Huey b. ABT. 1814 m. ABT. 8 JAN 1830 PA‎(Children: Jacob, John, Sophia, Daniel, Jacob S. b: 8 JAN 1836, Elizabeth b: 1840, Moses b: 1840)‎.
Anna Magdalene Albright b: 1786 Berks Co, PA d. 1813 m. George Kauffman
Solomon Albright b: 1788 Berks Co, PA d. 1855 Pinegrove, Berks, PA m. Maria Miller. Children: Henry, Mary, Kate, Harriet m. Frank Wagner, John b: 1815, Elizabeth "Eliza" b: 1828, Charles b: 1830 d. 1880 Note: Brigadier General in the Union Army--Charles Albright, was a Civil War officer & Congressman. He was one of the prosecutors of the "Molly Maguires" in Carbon Co, PA, George b: ABT. 1833. Solomon Albright remarried Elizabeth Shoemaker b: 8 JAN 1804 Shoemakerville, PA m. 1844
John Albright b: 1792 Berks Co, PA d. Shartlesville, PA m. Elizabeth Ruby. Children: Samuel, Leah.
Elizabeth Albright b: ABT. 1795 Berks Co, PA m. Joseph Kaufman b: 1792

John Christian remarried Maria Lehr Kauffman b: 11 MAR 1754 Berks Co, PA d. 22 FEB 1827 Berks Co, PA m. ABT. 1800 Berks Co, PA.

Albright, Solomon d.?, b. 4-22-1819
Albright, Caroline d. 2-5-1897, b. 4-6-1820, w/o Solomon Albright
Albright, George A. d. 5-17-1864, age 9y 5m 23d, s/o Solomon & Catharine Albright

3. Capt, John William Albright b: 6 OCT 1751 Berne, Berks, PA d. 1 OCT 1839 Guilford Co, NC m. Anna Maria Mosier b: 28 OCT 1764 Berks Co, PA d. 16 JUN 1811 Guilford Co, NC. Both b. ‎(Old)‎ Brick United Church of Christ Church Cemetery in Guilford Co, NC m. ABT. 1782 Berks Co, PA.

John William was Christened 27 Oct 1751 at the Bern Ref. Church in Berk Co, PA

Catharine Albright b: 26 JUL 1784 d. 3 SEP 1876 m. John Shaeffer
Anna Magdalena Albright b: 21 OCT 1786
Daniel Albright b: 22 OCT 1788 m. Sarah "Sally" Foust m. 19 MAR 1812. Children: Early Daniel, Jacob, Jerry, Nicholas b: 1813 d. 1870, Henry b: ABT. 1817.
David Albright b: 18 FEB 1791 d. AFT. 1850 m. Sophia Foust m. 8 Feb 1813. Children: Joel b: 1822, "Polly" b: 1827, Maria b: 1828, Sarah Jane b: 1835, John b: 1838 d. Smith Co, KS m. Eliza Jane Watson ‎(Children David C. b: 1865, Frank E. b: 1866, Mary Sophia b: 1876, Annie May b: 1893)‎, William Robert b: 1841 d. Vale, OR, Riley d. in early adulthood.
Jonathan Nathan Albright b: 1 AUG 1793 d. Ringgold, GA m. Catherine Shaver.
Jacob Albright b: 8 FEB 1796 Guilford Co, NC d. 1870 b. Speer Cem near Capps, Boone, AK m. Elizabeth Finley m. 1824 Greensboro, NC. Children: Isabella A. b: 19 APR 1825 Guilford Co, NC d. 20 AUG 1855 Capps, Carroll, AK m. John Farley, William Mosier b: 16 AUG 1827 White Co, TN d. DEC 1905 Capps, Carroll, AK m. Elizabeth Idella Moore-Note: William Albright and family felt the ravages of the Civil War as all Tennesseans did. Twice their home went up in flames from the torch of avenging soldiers. In one of these fires, among many valuable relics, they lost their old German Bible, which contained the family records.
Gabriel Albright b: 16 AUG 1798 Guilford Co, NC d. 28 JUN 1886 NC b. Brick United Church of Christ Cem in Guilford Co, NC.
Henry Albright b: 6 APR 1802 Guilford Co, NC d. 1826 m. Betsey Deviney. Children: Samuel M. b: 14 FEB 1827, James Patterson b: 3 JAN 1829, William McMillan b: 6 FEB 1831.
William A. Albright b: 9 JUL 1805 Guilford Co, NC. Never married.
John Albright b: 21 JAN 1810 Guilford Co, NC d. 27 DEC 1893 Guilford Co, NC m. Sarah "Sallie" Sheperd b. 25 Feb 1811 NC d. aft. 1900 NC m. abt. 1837 NC. 1850 Southern Division, Guilford, NC, 1870, 1880, 1900‎(4births 3living)‎ Rock Creek, Guilford, NC Both b. Brick United Church of Christ Church in Guilford Co, NC. Children: Mary Ann b: 16 APR 1838 NC d. 1886 NC never married, Daniel b: 17 AUG 1839 NC d. 28 Dec 1920 Guilford Co, NC; never married; Daniel was a Confederate soldier and was a gunsmith by trade. ‎(Brick Church records, Guilford, N.C. p. 3013.)‎, William b: 14 MAY 1842 NC m. Frances "Frankie" J. Smith b. May 1842 NC d. 3 Dec 1924 Guilford Co, NC m. 1869 NC, Jacob b. 1846 NC d. 1864 Elmira, NY; was a Civil War soldier, died in a Union prison camp near Elmirs, N.Y. ‎(Brick Church records, Guilford County, N.C. p. 3013)‎. John and Sarah Sheperd Albright and their three offsprings and Frankie Smith are buried in the Brick Church cemetery in Guilford County, N.C. ‎(Brick Church records, Guilford County, N.C. p. 3013.

John served in the Revolutionary War. Source: (1.)‎ N.C. Pension abstracts, Burns, Vol. 13
‎(2.)‎ Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications, National Archives, Washington, D.C.

He served in the Revolutionary War as a private in "the minute company" under Capt. Whitesett and Gen. Clapp, according to his pension application. He was known in the community as "Captain"
William," a title that he apparently acquired during the War of the Regulators.

Mrs. Peters found his name on a list of Regulators in North Carolina, so he might have gotten the title Captain because of that. In an affidavit dated Nov. 19, 1832, Capt. William states that he was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, on Oct. 6, 1751, which he "has written on a piece of paper copied from his father's Bible," . . . that he moved to North Carolina "about the commencement of the Revolutionary War." . . . He signed his application as Wilhelm.

The Berks County Deed Book A-3 27, Dec. 12, 1752 gives definite proof that the tradition that Capt. William Albright was a first cousin to Jacob's children, is correct. Capt. William's father, ‎(John)‎ Christian Albright, was listed as a son of John Albracht and thus was a brother of Jacob. His name was shortened to Christian and appears that way on the Berks County tax list. This was common among German families to give their sons the first name of Johannes ‎(John)‎ and then call them by their second name.

4. John Jacob Albright b: 27 AUG 1753 Berks Co, PA d. 7 JAN 1793 Berne, Berks, PA m. Magdalena Reiser b: 7 MAY 1768 Berks Co, PA d. JUN 1828 Berks Co, PA m. 13 JUN 1786 Berks Co, PA. Both b. Eplers Reformed Church Cem in Leesport, Berks, PA.

Jacob Albright b: 1782 Berks Co, PA m. UNK. Children: Daniel, Catherine, Jacob, John, Samuel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Harriet,
Amos Albright b: ABT. 1788 Bern, Berks, PA m. Tamson Smith m. ABT. 1815. Children: Mary b: ABT. 1816 Bern, Berks, PA, Alfred S. b: ABT. 1818 Bern, Berks, PA, Ellen R. b: ABT. 1820 Bern, Berks, PA, Lucinda b: ABT. 1822 Bern, Berks, PA, Helen b: ABT. 1824 Bern, Berks, PA, Amos b: 1826 Bern, Berks, PA d. 1901, George B. b: ABT. 1928 Bern, Berks, PA
Maria Catharina Albright b: 7 JUL 1789 Berks Co, PA d. 2 FEB 1881 Berks Co, PA b. Epler's Reformed Church in Bern, Berks, PA
Elizabeth Albright b: 6 APR 1791 Berks Co, PA d. 28 MAR 1846 Bern, Berks, PA b. Epler's Reformed Church Bern, Berks, PA m. John Valentine Clapp.

Magdalina Reisner remarried Daniel Rick Albright b: 7 MAR 1756 Berks Co, PA d. 28 APR 1802 Berks Co, PA b. Schwartzwald Reform Church in Exeter, Berks, PA m. 9 OCT 1792 Bern, Berks, PA.

Daniel Albright
Johann George Albright b: 14 JUL 1794 m. Catherine Burns. Children:
Daniel m. Lydia Adams, Rebecca, William m. Esther Witman, Morgan,
George b: ABT. 1818
Magdalena Albright b: 24 DEC 1796 m. William Graeff.

5. John Rick Albright b: 27 AUG 1753 Oley, Berks, PA d. 1790 Orange Co, NC m. Esther "Hester" Clapp b: ABT. 1758 Oley, Berks, PA d. ABT. 1833 Preble Co, OH m. 1777 Orange Co, NC.

Anna Elizabeth Albright b: 20 SEP 1778 Guilford Co, NC d. 7 OCT 1827 Darke Co, OH m. Jacob Strader b. 1752 NC d. 1830 Campbell Co, TN m. 1794 Orange Co, NC.
Anna Catherine "Kay" Albright b: 11 FEB 1782 Guilford Co, NC d. 1 Sep 1838 Randolph Co, IN m. Christian Foust, Sr b. 4 Oct 1777 Orange Co, NC d. 1832 IN m. abt. 1799 NC.
Anna Marie Albright b: 13 SEP 1784 Orange Co, NC d. 29 JUL 1874 Preble Co, OH b. Roselawn Cem in Lewisburg, Preble, OH m. Rev, Henry Diefenbach b. 5 Dec 1771 MD m. 26 Jul 1802 NC. In October 1837, the Rev. Henry Diefenbach disappeared and Anna Maria lived a widow for 37 years.
Anna Barbara Albright b: 13 MAY 1787 NC m. William Loy b. 1791 Orange Co, NC d. IN m. 1806 NC.
Anna Magdelena Albright b: 12 DEC 1788 NC d. AFT. 1802 m. William Rose.
John Christian Albright b: 3 JAN 1789 Alamance, Orange, NC d. 9 AUG 1880 Fayette Co, IA m. Martha Ann "Patsy" Walker b: 3 DEC 1790 SC or VA m. 6 JAN 1812 Knoxville, Knox, TN. Children: William Kincaid b: 9 FEB 1813 Knox Co, TN d. 15 Aug 1897 Elgin, Fayette, IA m. Anna Riche b. 1824 IN d. 17 May 1894 Fayette Co, IA m. 25 Dec 1838 Niles, Cass, MI, John Owen b: 24 DEC 1814 TN d. 8 Jun 1891 m. Nancy Knight, Mary Ann b: 16 APR 1817 Stevenson Co, TN d. 24 Nov 1909 m. Artemas Doras BALDWIN b: 1812, Esther Walker b: 14 FEB 1819 Preble Co, OH d. 1840 m. Joseph Riche b. 1813, Henry McKendry b: 21 OCT 1820 Preble Co, OH, Sarah Margaret b: 12 FEB 1822 Preble Co, OH d. 15 Sep 1897 m. William MUHLENBERGER, Tryphena Jane b: 19 JUL 1824 Preble Co, OH d. 30 Apr 1876 m. Matthew Doane, Eleanor Minerva b: 31 DEC 1826 Preble Co, OH d. 1870 m. Charles Hitchcock MILLER b: 1820 d. 1892, Joseph Wesley b: 6 JAN 1829 Preble Co, OH d. 1856 m. Mary Ann HAZLETT, Frances Elizabeth b: 15 MAY 1831 Preble Co, OH d. 1850 m. William Bodine b. 1820, Martha Adeline b: 5 JAN 1835 Cass Co, MI d. 1900 m. Abel Fayette WARREN; Martha remarried Lucius FASSETT b: 5 Jan 1835.
Anna Margaret Albright b: ABT. 1790 NC m. William Muhlenberger.

John R. Albright's will lists the above children, Esther was pregnant when the will was written, so there may be another child. Esther Clapp Allbright married a second time, Issac Burk, 1833. Three children
1. Sarah Burk married Adam Albright‎(1795-1860)‎, son of Philip and Christina Albright. 2. Wm. T. Burk married Elizabeth Ballard. 3. Elinor Ann Burk married Jacob McIntorff, Preble County, Ohio.
Sources: Title: GEDCOM File : 2403253.ged Author: William Lee Clapp
Abbrev: William Lee Clapp Abbrev: GEDCOM File: 2403253.ged
Note: 366 St. Alban Ct. Winston-Salem, NC 27104. Date: 25 JAN 2003 Title: GEDCOM File : MERRIC~1.ged Abbrev: GEDCOM File : MERRIC~1.ged Date: 14 MAR 2003 Title: GEDCOM File: WALLIS~1.ged Abbrev: GEDCOM File : WALLIS~1.ged Date: 15 MAR 2003

6. Daniel Rick Albright b: 7 MAR 1756 Berks Co, PA d. b. Schwartzwald Reform Church in Exeter, Berks, PA m. his widowed brother's wife, Magdalena Rieser b: 7 MAY 1768 Berks Co, PA m. 9 OCT 1792 Bern, Berks, PA.

Daniel Albright
Johann George Albright b: 14 JUL 1794 m. Catherine Burns. Children:
Daniel m. Lydia Adams, Rebecca, William m. Esther Witman, Morgan,
George b: ABT. 1818
Magdalena Albright b: 24 DEC 1796

7. Catherine Albright b: 11 JAN 1758 Oley, Berks, PA d. 13 OCT 1826
m. John Heister b: 25 SEP 1754 m. 5 SEP 1780.

8. Peter Rick Albright b: 4 MAR 1760 Berne, Berks, PA d. 5 MAY 1836 West Brunswick, Berks, PA m. Maria Christina Medlar b: 8 MAR 1766 d. 5 MAR 1855 Berks Co, PA m. ABT. 1785 Brunswick, Berks, PA. Both b. St. John's Lutheran & Reformed Church Cem in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill, Pa.

Peter served on the first Grand Jury in 1811 in Brunswick RWP., PA

Esther Albright b: 1786 d. 1867 m. Simon Marburger
Sarah Albright b: 1788 d. 1865 Orwigsburg, PA m. John Marburger
Jonathan Albright b: 1794 d. 1857 m. Magdalena Berger m. ABT. 1815
Children: Judith m. Daniel Krammes, Magdalena b: ABT. 1818 m. William Shardin, Louisa m. Henry Reter, Sarah m. William Walburn, Esther b: ABT. 1818 m. John Dewald, Joseph b: ABT. 1820 m. Eve Windermuth, Christina b: 1822 d. 1892 m. Daniel Walburn, Elizabeth b: 1824 d. 1908 m. Lewis Marburger
Daniel Albright b: 1795 d. 1837 Orwigsburg, PA m. Heffner. Child: Daniel. Daniel remarried Rebecca Sheidy. Children: Henry b: 1830 d. 1852, Peter b: ABT. 1832, Joseph b: ABT. 1835. Daniel married a third time to Julia Berger. Child: Abraham C.
Abraham Albright b: ABT. 1797 d. 1865 Orwigsburg, PA m. Anna Maria Elizabeth Albright
Peter Albright b: 1799 d. 1890 Orwigsburg, PA m. Magdalena Fosselman b: 1804. Children: Charles m. Rebecca Fegley, Sarah b: 1827 d. 1836, Isabella b: ABT. 1829 m. John Kimmel, Catherine b: 1831 d. 1899 m. Nathan Seltze, Elizabeth b: ABT. 1833 m. Henry Joy, James b: 1835 d. 1863 m. Caroline Heisler ‎(Children: Bertha, Annie E.)‎, Francisca Rebecca b: 1850 d. 1898
Catherine Albright b: 1802 d. 1858 Fridensburg, PA m. Jacob Rauch
Susannah Albright b: 1804 d. 1884 m. John Walborn
Rebecca Albright b: 1805 d. 1876
Christina Albright b: 1808 d. 1899 Orwigsburg, PA m. Joseph Kremer
Joseph Albright b: 1810 d. 1894 m. Esther Sheridan d. 5 APR 1883
m. 1834 Children: William S. b: 31 MAY 1836 d. 5 SEP 1868 m. Amanda Bodey b: 11 JAN 1837 ‎(Children, Belle Virginia, Hiester S. b: 20 JUN 18560 m. Virginia F. Newhard (Children: Nellie Virginia b: 17 APR 1887 Note: Hiester was vice president of the 1st National Bank of Orwigsburg, PA and a prominent shoe manufacturer.)‎, Thomas b: 1838 d. 1925 m. Catherine, Susannah M. b: ABT. 1840 m. Solomon R. Moyer, Morgan S. b: 1842 d. 1926 m. Susannah Delbert, Joseph b: ABT. 1843, Benneville b: 1845 d. 1876 m. Mary, Lucian b: 1851 d. 1881 m. Isabella.

9. Heinrich "Henry" Albright b: 1763 Oley Bern, Berks, PA d. 14 JAN 1817 Brunswick, Berks, PA m. Susannah Hahn b: ABT. 1769 Bern, Berks, PA d. 1 MAY 1816 Berks Co, PA m. 14 DEC 1790 Bern, Berks, PA.

John Albright b: 1791 d. 1854 Van Wert Co, OH served in the War of 1812 soldier, is b. in Old Weger Cem in Mead, Belmont, OH m. Hannah Wagoner b: ABT. Children: Lena, Daniel, Samuel, Hannah b: 20 JUL 1810 PA d. 22 SEP 1872 Shelby Co, OH m. Lemuel Q. LeMasters, Jacob b: ABT. 1814, George b: ABT. 1815, Henry b: ABT. 1817, John B. b: 1823 m. Mary LeMasters m. MAR 1843 Lima, Allen, OH ‎(Children: Thomas E. b: 1841 Franklin, Shelby, OH, Hannah b: 1845 Franklin, Shelby, OH, Mary "Jane" b: 24 NOV 1846 Franklin,Shelby, OH. M2. Eliza Gearhart b: 1806 d. 1873. Children: Victorine m. Baltzell, Josiah S., Eli b: 23 APR 1838 m. Mary E. Riedenbach (Children: George W., Charles W., Harry, Alfred, Leonard, Adeline, Katie. M2. Ella M. Border. Children: Bertha, Marcy L, Icy, Mattie, Eli. M3 Lucy Gleason b: 3 AUG 1834 NY m. 20 DEC 1860 Van Wert Co, OH. Children: Florence "Flora" b: 24 JAN 1861, Cora b: 24 FEB 1863, Sherman b: 4 MAY 1864)‎, Catherine b: ABT. 1839 m. Spencer, William b: 1840 d. Van Wert Co, OH m. Martha J. Rowland b: 1845 ‎(Children: Magdalene, Irene, Lovell, Victorine, William L., Ferre, Hattie, Charles)‎
Mary Magdalena Albright b: 1793 d. 1835 m. William Bock
Johann Wilheim "William" Albright b: 1795 d. Fairfield Co, OH
Samuel Albright b: ABT. 1797
Jacob Albright b: 1799
Maria Elizabeth Albright b: 1802 d. Fairfield Co, OH m. Alspach
Solomon Albright b: 1809 d. Marion Co, OH m. Margaret Cramer b: 1815. Children: Henry B., William, Silas, Samuel, Amanda, John C. b: 1842 served in Co. D, 82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, during the Civil War.
Catherine Albright b: ABT. 1810 m. Samuel Koch
Sarah Albright b: ABT. 1812

10. John George Albright b: 7 FEB 1765 Berks Co, PA d. 1803 Manheim, Schuylkill, PA m. Elizabeth Walless. M2. Anna Maria Lehr b: ABT. 1760 Berks Co, PA m. 6 APR 1776 Berks Co, PA.

John George was Christened March 1, 1765.

Barbara Albright b: 27 FEB 1777 d. 9 MAR 1862 Lancaster Co, PA m. Daniel Mohn
M. Magdalene Albright b: 16 OCT 1778
John Albright b: ABT. 1782 d. Berks Co, PA
Jacob Albright b: ABT. 1785 m. Margaret Mohn. Children: Maria b: 1798, Magdalena b: 1800, Catarina b: 1803, Jacob b: 1804 d. 1886 m. Mary b: 1806 d. 1885 ‎(Children: Peter H. b: 1830 d. 1907, Jonas b: 1832 d. 1897, Jacob b: 1836 d. 1862)‎, Peter b. 1809 d. 1871.
Eva Catherine Albright b: 1796 d. 1804
Anna Maria Elizabeth Albright b: 1798

Peter's Family:
Albright, Peter d. 11-4-1871, b. 8-12-1809
Albright, Hannah d. 6-1-1892, b. 1792, age 80y 4m 9d, ‎[dates and age do not agree]‎
Albright, Anna d. 8-4-1865, age 14y 0m 6d, d/o Peter & Hannah Albright
Albright, Samuel d. 1-17-1881, b. 3-8-1856
Another son of Jacob:
Jacob Albright b. 1804 d. 1886 m. Mary ‎(Unknown)‎
Albright, Jacob d. 1-12-1886, b. 6-15-1804
Albright, Mary d. 2-22-1885, b. 7-27-1806, w/o Jacob Albright
Albright, Jonas d. 3-15-1897, b. 5-6-1832
Albright, Mary Shambaugh d. 8-18-1901, b. 9-13-1834, w/o Jonas Albright
Albright, Jacob d. 2-19-1882, b. 7-22-1836
Albright, Maria Ilgenfritz d. 7-1-1858, age 22y 0m 10d, d/o Jacob & M. Albright

11. Johann Michael Albright b: 7 FEB 1765 Oley, Berks, PA.

12. Solomon Albright b: ABT. 1766 Berks Co, PA.

13. Justus Yost Albright b: ABT. 1768 Oley, Bern, Berks, PA.

Three of their children, Elizabeth, John William and John Rick followed their uncles, Jacob and Ludwig to North Carolina.

William's Family:
Mt Holly Springs in South Middleton, Cumberland, PA:
Albright, see Swarner, Yeingst
Albright, Alfred, 1906-1937, Row14S
Albright, Clarence W., 1909-1993, Row 22N
wife, Ina C. Bream, 1914-1961, ‎[reverse of FR Bobb]‎
Albright, Esther, d. 6 March 1896, age 75 years, wife of William, Row 8N
Albright, Gilbert L., 1915-1976, Row 23S wife, Hazel G., 1916-1980
Albright, John M., 1918-1992, Row 26N
Albright, Moses, d. 16 Aug 1855, age 3-1-17, s/o Wm & Esther, Row 8N
Albright, Peter W., 28 Feb 1903, 14 March 1978, Row 15S wife, Velma Harman, 26 Dec 1909, 5 June 1992
Rensel A., 25 Jan to 10 June 1935
Albright, Renzel, 1877-1922, Row 14S wife, Sarah C. Slusser, 1876-1957
Albright, W., 1846-1909, Co. A, 209 Reg, P.V., Row 11N wife, Fannie Rudy, 1849-1941, ‎[identical stones with Swarners]‎
Albright, William Henry, d. 5 April 1865, age 2-3-3, s/o Wm & Esther, Row 8N
Albright, William, d. 7 Nov 1858, age 16-10-16, Row 8N

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Family with Parents
Johannes Ludwig Albrecht ‎(I698)‎
Birth 19 December 1697 29 27 Bayern Pfalz, GER/Austria
Death December 1752 ‎(Age 54)‎ Bern., Berks, PA
1 year
Anna Barbara Gossauer ‎(I775)‎
Birth 1699 29 23 Reisbach, SWITZ
Death 1764 ‎(Age 65)‎ Bern, Berks, PA

Marriage: 1715 -- GER
14 months
Matelina Magdalena "Mary" Albrecht ‎(I685)‎
Birth 20 February 1716 18 17 Swabia, GER
Death 19 April 1789 ‎(Age 73)‎ Bern, Berks, PA
4 years
Anna Barbara Albrecht ‎(I776)‎
Birth 10 October 1719 21 20 Bavaria, GER
Death 1 March 1802 ‎(Age 82)‎ Bellemont, Almance, N. C
7 years
John Christian Albrecht ‎(I777)‎
Birth 9 October 1726 28 27 Bavaria, GER
Death 1 May 1784 ‎(Age 57)‎ Bern, Berks, PA
5 years
Lodawick "Ludwig" Albrecht ‎(I778)‎
Birth 10 November 1731 33 32 Bayern, GER
Death 16 November 1810 ‎(Age 79)‎ Guilford Co, N. C.
3 years
Judith Albrecht ‎(I779)‎
Birth 1 June 1734 36 35 Oley, Berks, PA
Death 1763 ‎(Age 28)‎ Berks Co, PA
-6 years
Jacob Albrecht ‎(I784)‎
Birth 10 October 1728 30 29 Wurrentberg, GER
Death 28 July 1891 ‎(Age 162)‎ Orange Co., N. C.
-5 years
Christiana Albrecht ‎(I1063)‎
Birth 1724 26 25 GER
9 years
Magdelene Albrecht ‎(I1064)‎
Birth 1733 35 34 GER