Emanuel Steve "Minnow" Wawok Emanuel Steve "Minnow" Wawok  ‎(I425)‎
Emanuel Steve "Minnow" Wawok
Nickname: Minnow

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 23 November 1928 30 26 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
Death: 13 May 2014 ‎(Age 85)‎ La Porte, LaPorte, IN
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 23 November 1928 30 26 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN

Death 13 May 2014 ‎(Age 85)‎ La Porte, LaPorte, IN

Burial Cremated and Scattered In Lake Michigan

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Parents Family  (F7)
Stefan "Stephan" Wawok
1898 - 1949
Rozalia "Rose" Minzik
1902 - 1972
Walter Edward "Walt" Wawok
1936 -
Emanuel Steve "Minnow" Wawok
1928 - 2014
Joseph Anthony "Joey" Wawok
1927 - 1973
Irene Wawok
1930 -
Helen Mildred Wawok
1932 -
Edward Wawok
1934 - 1969
Stanley Stephan Wawok
1941 -
Sophie Susan Wawok
1942 -
Casimir Robert Wawok
1945 -
Genevieve "Jen" Wawok
1939 - 1961


Emanuel "Minnow" Steve Wawok b. 23 Nov 1928 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN d. 13 May 2014 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN ‎(cremated & ashes scattered in Lake Michigan)‎ m. Lillian "Lillie" Rusnak Konfirst b. 21 Feb 1928 Cook Co, IL IL m. 28 Jan 1956 Michigan City, LaPorte, IN. Lillian previously married to Joseph Konfirst b. 21 Sep 1924 AK.

IL Births:
Name: Lillian Rusnak
Birth Date: 21 Feb 1928
Birth Location: Cook County, IL
File Number: 6007263
Archive collection name: Cook County Genealogy Records ‎(Births)‎
Archive repository location: Chicago, IL
Archive repository name: Cook County Clerk

1956, 1958 LaPorte Directory: Living at 341 F Street:
Emanuel F working at Whirlpool and Lillian Wawok working at American Rubber

1960 LaPorte Directory; Living at R1 Box 370:
Emanuel S and Lillian Wawok

Children of Lillie & Joseph Konfirst:

1. Larry Konfirst b. 5 Oct 1952 IN.

2. Judy Konfirst b. 4 Mar 1949 IN m. James Henry Branham b. 5 Mar 1947 Valparaiso, Porter, IN d. 18 Feb 2009 at Hospice Center in Valparaiso, Porter, IN b. Angelcrest Cemetery in Porter Co, IN m. 27 Jul 1968 Chesterton, Porter, IN. Judy graduated from Elston High School in Michigan City, LaPorte, IN in 1967.

James Henry Branham, age 61, of Chesterton, passed away Wednesday, February 18, 2009 surrounded by his wife and kids at the Hospice Center in Valparaiso. He was born March 5, 1947 in Valparaiso, the son of James O. Branham and Catherine ‎(Bockelmann)‎ Branham of Chesterton. On July 27, 1968 in Liberty Township, IN, he married Judy Konfirst. His father, James O. Branham and son, David Branham preceded him in death. He is survived by his mother, Catherine Branham of Chesterton; loving wife, Judy, of Chesterton; three children: James R. Branham of North Fort Myers, FL, Michelle ‎(Bill)‎ Garpow of Valparaiso, IN and Daniel ‎(Jill)‎ Branham of Porter, IN; four grandchildren: Stephen Garpow, Cheyenne Garpow, Billy Garpow and DJ Branham; two brothers: Bob ‎(Peggy)‎ Branham of Merrillville, IN and Bill ‎(Mary)‎ Branham of Chesterton; and numerous nieces and nephews. Jim was retired from the U.S. Can Company after 34 years. He was the Director and founding father of the Porter County Fire Investigation Strike Team since 1997, and was a Safety Officer and Life Member for Porter Fire Department for the past five years. Jim was a retired Chief and Life Member of the South Haven Fire Department for 10 years, a retired Chief and Life Member of the Liberty Township Fire Department for 25 years, President of the Porter County Fire Association from 1998 to 2008 and member of the LEPC, EMA and Planning Commission Advisory Board. Jim was also a Master Firefighter in five categories in the state of Indiana and numerous federal agencies. Funeral services will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 21, 2009 at Edmonds & Evans Funeral Home, 517 Broadway, Chesterton, IN, with Pastor John Allen officiating. Burial will follow at Angelcrest Cemetery, Valparaiso, IN. Viewing will be Friday, February 20, 2009 from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Edmonds & Evans Funeral Home, Chesterton, IN with an IVFA Memorial Service at 7:00 p.m. Memorial gifts may be made to the Porter County Fire Investigation Strike Team or to the family. www.EE-FH.com. Source: The Times, 20 Feb 2009.

A. James R. Branham b. 7 Mar 1967 Bremen, Marshall, IN
B. Michelle Branham b. 5 Aug 1972 Valparaiso, Porter, IN
C. Daniel Branham b. 5 Feb 1977 Porter Co, IN.

3. Joseph Konfirst b. 10 Mar 1948 IN

Children of Minnow & Lillian:

1. Steven "Steve" Manuel Wawok b. 3 Oct 1959 Michigan City, LaPorte, IN m. Regina Celeste Odle b. 23 Aug 1960 Michigan City, LaPorte, IN m. 14 Feb 1994. Steven graduated in 1978 from Elston High School in Michigan City, LaPorte, IN.

A. Spenser Darrell Wawok b. 29 Mar 1996 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN.
B. Colton Steven Wawok b. 11 Apr 1997 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN.

2. Melodie Lynn Wawok b. 5 Apr 1957 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN m. Kim Alan Ackerson b. 13 Sep 1956 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN m. 14 Jul 1979 at the United Methodist Church in LaPorte, LaPorte, IN by G. Ben Hershberger, Minister. Melodie graduated in 1975 from Rogers High School in Michigan City, LaPorte, IN.

IN Marriages:

A. Neil Alan Ackerson b. 25 Jul 1982 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN m. Amanda Klaybor m. 24 Aug 203 Houston Hills, LaPorte,IN.
B. Ashley Nichole Ackerson b. 16 Sep 1987 Concord, Middlesex, MA.

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Family with Parents
Stefan "Stephan" Wawok ‎(I9)‎
Birth 14 February 1898 31 Stracowka, Slaskie, Poland
Death 17 May 1949 ‎(Age 51)‎ LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
4 years
Rozalia "Rose" Minzik ‎(I10)‎
Birth 11 February 1902 Stracowka, Slaskie, Poland
Death 2 August 1972 ‎(Age 70)‎ Michigan City, LaPorte, IN

Marriage: 28 July 1923 -- Poland
13 years
Walter Edward "Walt" Wawok ‎(I7)‎
Birth 31 December 1936 38 34 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
-8 years
Emanuel Steve "Minnow" Wawok ‎(I425)‎
Birth 23 November 1928 30 26 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
Death 13 May 2014 ‎(Age 85)‎ La Porte, LaPorte, IN
-2 years
Joseph Anthony "Joey" Wawok ‎(I426)‎
Birth 17 January 1927 28 24 DeFunick Springs, FL
Death 8 January 1973 ‎(Age 45)‎ Michigan City, LaPorte, IN
4 years
Irene Wawok ‎(I427)‎
Birth September 1930 32 28 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
2 years
Helen Mildred Wawok ‎(I428)‎
Birth 14 November 1932 34 30 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
17 months
Edward Wawok ‎(I429)‎
Birth 8 April 1934 36 32 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
Death 4 October 1969 ‎(Age 35)‎ Westville, LaPorte, IN
7 years
Stanley Stephan Wawok ‎(I430)‎
Birth 7 April 1941 43 39 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
17 months
Sophie Susan Wawok ‎(I431)‎
Birth 19 September 1942 44 40 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
2 years
Casimir Robert Wawok ‎(I432)‎
Birth 27 February 1945 47 43 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
-6 years
Genevieve "Jen" Wawok ‎(I173)‎
Birth 3 January 1939 40 36 LaPorte, LaPorte, IN
Death 20 April 1961 ‎(Age 22)‎ LaPorte, LaPorte, IN