Christian Miller  ‎(I412)‎
Christian Miller

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 28 November 1734 34 34 Berne Canton, SWITZ
Death: 1777 ‎(Age 42)‎ Shillington, Berks, PA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 28 November 1734 34 34 Berne Canton, SWITZ

Death 1777 ‎(Age 42)‎ Shillington, Berks, PA

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Parents Family  (F132)
Christian Daniel Miller
1700 - 1777
Veronica "Anna" Mishler
1700 - 1778
John "Indian John" Miller
1725 - 1798
Veronica "Franey" Miller
1729 -
Nicholas Miller
1730/31 - 1784
Peter Miller
1733 - 1757
Christian Miller
1734 - 1777
Abraham Miller
1741 - 1812
Samuel C. Miller
1739 - 1845/46
Isaac Miller
1743 - 1785


Christian MILLER b. 28 Nov 1734 Koenigburg Stadt, Ostpreussen, GER or Berne Canton, SWITZ d. 1777 Shillington, Berks, PA m. Unknown GNAEGI.

Emigration: 11 AUG 1750 Arrived Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on ship Patience from Europe
Event: A&AM Genealogies ML5
‎(1)‎ Note: DJH - 3062. Abraham Miller, the son of Daniel Miller, who arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 11, 1750, on ship Patience. His first wife, Miss Kenagy, d. leaving no children. He returned to Europe and m. about 1758, Veronica Mishler who was b. about 1736. Their children are, Christian, Feb. 17, 1760-, m. Catherine Kurtz, d. Feb. 10, 1832; Elizabeth, Sept. 20, 1762-, wife of Mr. Kenagy; Jacob, July 19, 1764-; Abraham; Susanna, Oct. 17, 1767-, wife of Mr. Stutzman; Fanny, Sept. 18, 1769-, wife of Joseph Kurtz, of Hertzler Gen. Fams. 414 and 579; Barbara, Jan. 12, 1774-, wife of Solomon Yoder; Magdalena, sept. 21, 1776-, wife of Mr. Hershberger. Daniel Miller d. near Shillington, Berks Co., Pa. Montgomery's History of Berks Co., Pa., p. 802, gives an account of this fam. See Mast Gen. Fam. 163. See fam. 9157 note.
‎(2)‎ Note: Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies, page 261 and page 269, shows Veronica Mischler, MH5, married to Christian Miller, ML5.

Christian Miller remarried Veronica MISCHLER b: 1735 Germany m. 1758 Berks Co, PA.

1. Christian MILLER b: 17 FEB 1760 Berks Co, PA d. 20 Feb 1832 Berks, PA m. Catherine Kurtz b. 27 Aug 1761 Lancaster Co, PA d. 10 Feb 1832 Berks Co, PA m. 1 JUN 1783 Lancaster Co, PA.

A. Abraham MILLER b: 2 APR 1784 Berks Co, PA d. 19 OCT 1831.
B. Mary MILLER b: 10 OCT 1785 Berks Co, PA d. 26 APR 1867 Berks Co, PA.
C. Elizabeth MILLER b: 31 AUG 1787 Berks Co, PA d. 21 DEC 1874 Berks Co, PA.
D. Daniel MILLER b: 9 APR 1790 Berks Co, PA d. 12 OCT 1847 Berks Co, PA m. Catherine HERLING/Kerline b. 1 JUN 1804 Berks Co, PA d. 20 MAR 1873 PA.
E. Hannah Miller b: 1805 Berks Co, PA d. 18 MAR 1866 Lancaster Co, PA b. Pine Grove Cem, Berks Co, PA m. Stephen Mast b: 8 SEP 1805 Berks Co, PA d. 8 NOV 1868 Lancaster Co, PA m. 13 JAN 1822 Cumru, Berks, PA. 1850 & 1860 Census Caernarvon, Lancaster, PA.
F. Catherine Miller b: 27 SEP 1797 Berks Co, PA d. 1869 Somerset Co, PA m. Christian Gindlesperger b: 1787 Somerset Co, PA. d. bet 1850 & 1860 Somerset Co, PA. 1850 Conemaugh, Somerset, PA.
G. Isaac MILLER b: 18 JUL 1802 Berks Co, PA m. Mary WADEMAN b. 17 OCT 1803 Berks Co, PA.
H. Jonathan MILLER b: 12 NOV 1807 Berks Co, PA d. 31 DEC 1885 m. Catherine HORNBERGER b. 3 JUN 1814 Berks Co, PA d. 12 DEC 1894.

2. Elizabeth MILLER b: 20 SEP 1762 Berks Co, PA d. 10 Oct 1843 Meyersdale, Somerset, PA m. Johannes Gnaegi/Gnaegis b. 1763 Lebanon Co, PA d. 19 SEP 1845 Meyersdale, Somerset, PA/28 Sep 1871.

3. Jacob MILLER b: 19 JUL 1764 Berks Co, PA d. Holmes, OH.

4. Abraham MILLER b: 13 MAY 1766 Berks Co, PA d. 1821 Berlin, PA m. Anna Hochstetler b. 1 Jan 1769 Hamburg, Berks, PA d. Somerset, PA. Abraham was a Minister in the Amish Church. Blindnes in later life. Illness. See notes for Anna Hochstetler.

5. Susanna MILLER b: 17 OCT 1767 Berks Co, PA d. 1804 Berks Co, PA m. Christian Georg Stuthmann b. 8 JAN 1758 Berlin, Somerset, PA d. 12 SEP 1825 Mcveytown, Mifflin, PA.

A. Susanna Stutzman b: 4 JUL 1796 McVeytown, Mifflin, PA m. John Yoder b: 9 SEP 1786 Berks Co, PA d. 17 DEC 1861 Topeka, LaGrange, IN.

6. Veronica MILLER b: 18 SEP 1769 Berks Co, PA d. 1844 Juniata, PA m. Joseph Kurtz b. 12 MAY 1765 Berks Co, PA d. 18 Mar 1815 Reading, Berks, PA m. 19 OCT 1787 Berks Co, PA.

A. John KURTZ b: 23 SEP 1788 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 26 Jun 1863 m. Phoebe KAUFFMAN b. 1793 Berks Co, PA d. 1860 Lancaster Co, PA.
B. Abraham KURTZ b: 27 NOV 1789 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 22 May 1845 Chester Co, PA. Never married.
C. Joseph KURTZ b: 20 JAN 1791 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA m. Miss Kauffman.
D. Henry KURTZ b: 10 JUL 1792 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 29 JAN 1873 m. Miss Kauffman
E. Barbara KURTZ b: 5 AUG 1793 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 6 FEB 1876. Never married. 1850, 1860 Delaware, Juniata, PA living w/brother, Samuel, 1870 Millerstown, Perry, PA.
F. Leah KURTZ b: 19 SEP 1794 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 12 FEB 1826 Lancaster Co, PA m. Jacob Summers b. 14 FEB 1790 Lancaster Co, PA d. 22 SEP 1873 Branch Co, MI of heart disease b. 24 SEP 1873 Pleasant Hill Cem in Noble, Branch, MI.
G. Samuel M KURTZ b: 12 NOV 1795 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 23 APR 1883 E. Salem, Juniata, PA m. Mary E. Longacre b. 13 AUG 1782 d. 1 JUL 1836 PA. Samuel remarried Mary b. 14 FEB 1796 d. 21 APR 1839 Chester Co, PA. Samuel married a third time to Mary Adams b. 1802 PA. Samuel remarried for the fourth time to Mary Jacobs? b. 27 SEP 1815 PA d. 8 FEB 1896 Delaware, Juniata, PA. 1850, 1860, 1870 Delaware, Juniata, PA, 1880 East Salem, Juniata, PA.
H. Elizabeth KURTZ b: 25 NOV 1796 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 6 JUL 1878 Holmes Co, OH m. Abraham MAST b: 21 SEP 1802 Lancaster Co, PA d. 18 NOV 1877 Holmes Co, OH.
I. David KURTZ b: 30 JAN 1798 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 1874 Juniata Co, PA m. Margaret UNK b. 1802 PA. 1860 Census Walker, Juniata, PA.
J. Isaac KURTZ b: 22 FEB 1799 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. APR 1890 Walnut Bureau IL m. Rachel Longacre b. 1801 PA.
K. Frances/Veronica KURTZ b. 4 MAY 1800 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 8 JUN 1845 Holmes Co, OH m. Abraham Mast b. 21 SEP 1802 Lancaster Co, Pa d. 18 NOV 1877 Holmes Co, OH m. 8 JAN 1826 Holmes Co, OH. Abraham remarried Veronica's sister, Elizabeth, after Veronica died.
L. Christian KURTZ b: 8 NOV 1801 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. infancy
M. Jacob KURTZ b: 1 OCT 1802 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 1 OCT 1802 E Whiteland, Chester, Pa.
N. Daniel KURTZ b: 10 JAN 1804 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 22 JAN 1804 E Whiteland, Chester, Pa.
O. Anna KURTZ b: 20 MAR 1805 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 8 MAY 1845 Juniata Co, PA m. John Lapp b. 29 JAN 1805 Chester Co, PA d. before 1861 when the auditor's account of his father's estate lists his children as his heirs.
P. Jacob KURTZ b: 25 OCT 1806 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 29 MAR 1866 m. Miss Martz b. 29 SEP 1806 d. 29 AUG 1841 Juniata Co, PA. Jacob Kurtz remarried Jane Slogan b. 1816 PA d. 1860 Juniata Co, PA.
Q. Susanna KURTZ b: 25 MAY 1808 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 25 MAY 1808 E Whiteland, Chester, Pa.
R. Daniel KURTZ b: 1 AUG 1809 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. SEP 1885 Academia, Juniata, PA m. Sarah UNK b: 1817 PA d. bef 1870 Census. m2. Hannah b: 1820 PA. 1870, 1880 Spruce Hill, Juniata, PA
S. Susanna KURTZ b: 1 JUL 1812 E. Whiteland, Chester, PA d. 7 JUL 1812 E Whiteland, Chester, Pa.

7. Barbara MILLER b: 12 JAN 1774 Berks Co, PA d. 14 Nov 1858 Elkhart, Elkhart, IN, m. Solomon H. Yoder b. 25 MAR 1776 Berks Co, PA d. 16 FEB 1868 Elkhart Co, IN.

8. Magdalena MILLER b: 21 SEP 1776 Berks Co, PA d. 1886 m. Abraham Hershberger b. 1777 Lebanon, PA d. 1887 Lagrange, IN.

A. Leah Hershberger b: ABT 1808 Somerset Co, PA.
B. John Hershberger b: 20 SEP 1810 Seomerset Co, PA d. 1 JUL 1881 m. Elizabeth Lehman b: ABT 1812.
C. Joseph Hershberger b: 22 NOV 1811 Somerset Co, PA d. 20 MAR 1901 Middlebury, Elkhrt, IN m. Veronica/Frances Miller b: 13 OCT 1807 Somerset Co, PA d. 3 FEB 1875 Douglas Co, IL. 1860 Middlebury, Elkhart, IN.
D. Veronica Hershberger b: 3 SEP 1814 Somerset Co, PA d. 7 FEB 1860 Elkhart Co, IN m. Christian P. Hostetler b: 2 MAY 1811 Somerset Co, PA d. 7 JAN 1861 Elkhart Co, IN. See notes for Christian Hostetler.

Note: Children of Christian MILLER and Veronica MISHLER are:+ 55 i. Abraham MILLER was born 13 May 1733 in Berks County, PA,, and died 1821 in Somerset County, PA,.
56 ii. Daniel MILLER died in Berks County, PA,.
57 iii. John MILLER.
+ 58 iv. Christian MILLER was born 17 Feb 1760 in Berks County, PA,, and died 20 Feb 1832 in Berks County, PA,.
+ 59 v. Elizabeth MILLER was born 1762.
60 vi. Jacob MILLER was born 1764.
61 vii. Susanna MILLER was born 1767. She married Nfn STUTZMAN.
62 viii. Fanny MILLER was born 1769. She married Joseph KURTZ.
63 ix. Barbara MILLER was born 1774. She married Solomon YODER, son of Christian "Schweitzer Christian" YODER and Barbara "Bavi" HOOLEY. He was born 1776 in Berks Co., PA, and died 16 Feb 1868 in Elkhart Co., IN.
+ 64 x. Magdalena MILLER was born 1776, and died Unknown.
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Father: Christian Daniel MILLER b: 1700 in Berne Canton, Switzerland
Mother: Anna MISHLER b: Abt 1710 in Europe
Marriage 1 Veronica MISHLER b: 1736 in Europe
Married: 1758 in Lancaster City, PA 1
Abraham MILLER b: 13 MAY 1733 in Berks Co., PA
Christian MILLER b: 17 FEB 1760 in Berks Co., PA
Marriage 2 Anna KENAGY gnagyi
Sources:Title: Robert G. Deter Family Tree on
Author: Robert Deter Abbrev: Robert Deter Abbrev: Robert G. Deter Family Tree on Note: Yost Miller b. 1786 Line
Note: Indian John Miller's father

HERSHBERGER. "Grandpa" Joseph Hershberger, who was born in Somerset Co., Pa., died at the home of his son-in-law, D.P. Miller, near Middlebury, Ind., of old age, on March 20th, 1901, aged 89 years, 3 months and 28 days. Of his descendants still living there are six children, sixty grandchildren, one hundred and sixty-six great grandchildren and 4 great great grandchildren. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church from his youth, an exemplary Christian, and leaves the assurances of a glorious resurrection. "If we sow bountifully, we shall also reap bountifully." 2 Cor. 9. His funeral was preached at the Folk's church by Jonathan Troyer and Amos Cripe, from Ps. 90 and John 5:24, 25. P. HOSTETLER. Source: Herald of Truth, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 9, 1 May 1901.

Name: Joseph Hershberger
Date: Mar 20, 1901
Location: Middlebury
Age: 89 yr
Gender: Male
Race: W
Source location: County Health Office Goshen
Source notes: The source of this record is the book H-18 on page 43 within the series produced by the Indiana Works Progress Administration.

September 22nd, in Branch county, Michigan, of heart disease, JACOB SUMMERS, at the advanced age of 83 years, 7 months, and 8 days. He was formerly of Lancaster county, Pa. He had been unwell for about two weeks, but had improved so much again that the physician pronounced him out of danger. On Sunday he appeared to be especially well. On Monday morning he rose, dressed, and sat down into his chair as usual, but was soon overtaken with a feeling of weakness, he desired to lay down again, and divesting himself of his coat and vest, he laid down, and in a few minutes expired. He was buried at Pleasant Hill on the 24th, where funeral services were conducted by J. F. Funk, and Henry Shaum. Source: Herald of Truth, Volume X, Number 10, Oct 1873.

MAST. July 6th, in Holmes Co., Ohio, Sister ELIASBETH MAST, widow of Abram Mast, aged 81 years, 7 months and 19 days. Buried the 7th. Funeral services by David Beachy. Sister Mast was of the Amish church. Her family name was Kurtz. She was born in Chester Co., Pa., and was of a very large family, of whom three brothers only survive her. Her husband preceded her seven months. Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord. "Friend after friend departs, Who hath not lost a friend?" Transcriber's note: Sister ELIASBETH MAST, ‎(note spelling of given name is as published)‎. Source: Herald of Truth, Volume XV, Number 8, Aug 1878.

MAST. Nov. 18th, near Benton, Holmes co., Ohio, Bro. ABRAHAM MAST, SR., aged 75 years, one month and 27 days. He was sick about five weeks, but confined to his bed only two days. Thus another saint has gone to his everlasting rest. He was a brother in the Amish Church. His life was a continuous chain of deeds of charity, and though dead, he yet speaketh. He will be missed by all who knew him, and by none more than by his aged and enfeebled companion. O what a comfort in the thought that our loss will be his everlasting gain! He lived the life of a Christian, and as such his light shone all around. He brought up a family of seven daughters, one of whom was called away before him. Buried in the presence of a very large concourse of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted by John K. Yoder, of Wayne co., and A. Mast and David Beachey.
"Life's labor done as sinks the clay,--
Light from the load the spirit flies,
While heaven and earth combine to say,--
How blest the righteous when he dies."
Source: Herald of Truth - Volume XV, Number 1, Jan 1878.

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Family with Parents
Christian Daniel Miller ‎(I405)‎
Birth 1700 23 25 Berne Canton, SWITZ
Death 1777 ‎(Age 77)‎ Berks Co., PA
Veronica "Anna" Mishler ‎(I406)‎
Birth 1700 13 2 Berne Canton, SWITZ
Death 1778 ‎(Age 78)‎ Berks Co, PA

Marriage: 1724 -- Berne Canton, SWITZ
1 year
John "Indian John" Miller ‎(I403)‎
Birth 1725 25 25 Berne Canton, SWITZ
Death 28 July 1798 ‎(Age 73)‎ Berlin, Somerset, PA
4 years
Veronica "Franey" Miller ‎(I409)‎
Birth 1729 29 29 Berne Canton, SWITZ
Death Somerset Co, PA
2 years
Nicholas Miller ‎(I410)‎
Birth 1730/31 (1731) 31 31 Canton Berne, SWITZ
Death 1784 ‎(Age 52)‎ Berks Co., PA
2 years
Peter Miller ‎(I411)‎
Birth 1733 33 33 Berne Canton, SWITZ
Death 1757 ‎(Age 24)‎ Somerest Co., PA
2 years
Christian Miller ‎(I412)‎
Birth 28 November 1734 34 34 Berne Canton, SWITZ
Death 1777 ‎(Age 42)‎ Shillington, Berks, PA
6 years
Abraham Miller ‎(I413)‎
Birth 1741 41 41 Bern Canton, SWITZ
Death 1812 ‎(Age 71)‎ Somerest Co., PA
-2 years
Samuel C. Miller ‎(I604)‎
Birth 1739 39 39 Bern Canton, SWITZ
Death 1845/46 (1846) ‎(Age 107)‎
4 years
Isaac Miller ‎(I1055)‎
Birth 1743 43 43 Berne Canton, SWITZ
Death 1785 ‎(Age 42)‎ Somerest Co., PA