Elizabeth Catarina Wilfong  ‎(I176)‎
Elizabeth Catarina Wilfong

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 6 March 1748 24 20 Tulpehoken Valley, Berks, PA
Death: 6 December 1842 ‎(Age 94)‎ Elkins, Randolph, W V
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 6 March 1748 24 20 Tulpehoken Valley, Berks, PA

Christening 3 April 1748 ‎(Age 28 days)‎ Baptismal Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever

Death 6 December 1842 ‎(Age 94)‎ Elkins, Randolph, W V

Burial Arnold Hill Baptist Church Cem In Randolph Co., WV

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Parents Family  (F32)
George Michael Wildfang
1724 - 1808
Sophia Catrina Veitheim
1728 - 1814
Major George Michael "Jacob" Wilfong
1755 - 1830
Elizabeth Catarina Wilfong
1748 - 1842
Anna Maria Wilfong
1749 -
Maria Margaretha Wilfong
1751 - 1811
Susanna Catharine Wilfong
1753 -
Jacob Wilfong, Sr.
1760 - 1838
Eve Wilfong
1765 - 1808
John Wilfong
1760 -
Christina Wilfong
1762 -
Henry Wilfong
1770 - 1843
Mary Magdalena Wilfong
1771 - 1845
Barbara Wilfong
1772 - 1811
Sara "Salome" Wilfong
1775 -
Michael Wilfong
1777 - 1850


Elizabeth Catarina Wildfang b. 6 MAR 1748 Tulphoken Valley, Berks, PA d. 5 DEC 1842 Elkins, Randolph, WV m. Jacob Weese b. 7 Oct 1733 GER or Lancaster Co, PA d. 11 Jun 1826 Elkins, Randolph, WV. Both b. Arnold Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Elkins, Randolph, WV.

Name: Elizabetha Catarina Wildtfang
Parent: George Michael Wildtfang
Location: Tulpehocken
Birth Date: 06 Mar 1748
Baptism Date: 03 Apr 1748
Sponsor: George Schirmann and wife
Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Baptismal Record:
Wildtfang, Elizabetha Catarina, b 03 06 1748: bap 04 03 1748, Spon. George Schirmann & wife

Note: It is said that this family was of German origin, and that WEES the name was at first written Waes. At the present day it appears sometimes in the form Wees, sometimes with the addition thereto of a final "e." Jacob Wees, the first of the name in what is now West Virginia, was born in 1733, died in 1826. He was an early settler in Hardy county, Virginia, from which he removed to North Carolina; returning to Virginia after a short time, he settled in Randolph county. This settlement was made while there were still Indian troubles, and his family frequently took refuge in Wilson's fort. He was a man of influence in the community. Children: Jacob, George, Daniel, John' and four daughters. ‎(Source: A page 901 titled West Virginia, photo-copied by Jim & Henry Wilcox in WV, Sep 1997. Book title was not recorded.)‎ Per this source there were four daughters in addition to the four sons. Source: Phil Hawkins: ­http­://­awt­.­ancestry­.­com­/­cgi­-­bin­/­igm­.­cgi­?­op­=­GET­&­db­=­phawkins­&­id­=­I1247­


1. Jacob WEES b. Abt 1776 Beverly, VA d. 25 Jun 1832 Beverely, VA m. Sarah Isner b: abt. 1780 m. 17 SEP 1799 Randolph Co, WV

Name: Weese, Jacob
Father: Weese, Jacob
Mother: Wilfong, Elizabeth Catherine
Birth Date: 1776
City: Beverly
State: VA
Country: USA

A. Absalom Weese b: 15 MAY 1801 Randolph Co, WV d. 21 Feb 1880
Beverly, Randolph, WV m. Eunice Marstiller b. 16 Sep 1806 Beverly, Randolph, WV d. 1880 Randolph Co, WV m. 9 Oct 1823 WV. 1850 District 52, Randolph, VA, 1860 Randolph Co, VA, 1870 Beverly, Randolph, WV. Children: Mary Ellen b. 1825 Beverly, Randolph, VA, George M. b. 13 Apr 1826 Beverly, Randolph, VA d. 28 Apr 1910 Beverly, Randolph, WV m. Claranda Enoch b. Jun 1831 WV d. Jul 1906 m. 19 Jan 1847 Beverly, Randolph, VA, William b. 12 Mar 1828 Beverly, Randolph, VA d. 29 May 1913 Randolph Co, WV m. Anna Stalnaker b. 1829 Randolph Co, VA d. 4 Apr 1991 m. 28 Sep 1852 Randolph, WV, Sarah b. 1830 Beverly, Randolph, VA m. George Washington Chenoweth b. 1831 Randolph, VA m. 30 Oct 1866 Randolph Co, VA, Elam b. 1833 Randolph Co, VA m. Nancy Judy m. 16 Dec 1866, Elias b. 28 Mar 1834 Randolph Co, VA d. 18 Nov 1887 Beverly, Randolph, WV m. Helen E Griffith b. 1846 Randolph Co, WV d. 15 May 1908 Beverly, Randolph, WV m. 14 Jan 1867 Randolph Co, WV, Margaret A. b. 20 May 1838 Randolph Co, VA m. John M Stalnaker b. 1821 Randolph Co, VA d. 7 Mar 1991 m. 5 Mar 1876 Beverly, Randolph, WV, Lydia Ann b. 1840 Randolph Co, VA m. Harry W Martin b. 1837 Philadelphia, Delaware, PA m. 13 Oct 1861 Randolph Co, VA, Hoy M. b. 1842 Randolph Co, VA d. 8 Sep 1928 Randolph Co, WV m. Cachariah Taylor b. 1843 m. 6 Feb 1873 Randolph Co, WV-M2. Harriet S. "nettie" Flint b. 15 Dec 1855 OH d. 14 Jun 1928 Randolph Co, WV m. 7 Jul 1880 Randolph Co, WV, Cecilia b. 8 Jun 1845 Beverly, Randolph Co, VA d. 17 Mar 1919 Charleston, Kanawha, WV m. William Henry Bonham b. 17 Oct 1843 Charleston, Kanawha, WV d. 1 Dec 1912 Charleston, Kanawha, WV m. 27 Mar 1864 Beverly, Randolph, WV, Christena Margaret b. 17 Dec 1849 Beverly, Randolph, VA d. 15 Nov 1939 Beverly, Randolph, WV m. George Washington Hill b. 1848 Elkins, Randolph, VA d. Elkins, Randolph, WV m. 14 Jan 1869 Randolph Co, WV
B. Catherine Weese b: 29 SEP 1804 Randolph Co, WV
C. Hannah Weese b: 1806 Randolph Co, WV m. William McLain b. 1808 Randolph Co, VA m. 1 Jul 1828 Randolph Co, VA.
D. Jacob Weese b: 18 FEB 1808 Randolph Co, WV d. 14 Nov 1888 Randolph Co, WV m. Judith Crouch b. 1823 Randolph Co, VA d. 17 Apr 1881 Randolph Co, WV m. 15 Aug 1831 Randolph Co, VA. Children: Enoch b. 1832 Randolph Co, VA d. 1860 Randolph Co, VA m. Mary Currence b. 1825 Randolph Co, VA d. 6 Aug 1885 Randolph Co, WV m. 18 Dec 1851 Randolph Co, VA, Andrew b. 1834 Randolph Co, VA d. 1907 Beverly, Randolph, WV m. Anna Jane Hart b. 4 Sep 1823 Randolph Co, WV d. 20 Sep 1888 Randolph Co, WV m. 30 Sep 1857 Randolph Co, WV, Eliza Jane b. 28 Jul 1837 Randolph Co, WV d. 6 Jun 1910 Randolph Co, WV m. Marshall Chenoweth b. 23 Oct 1833 Randolph Co, VA d. 23 Sep 1911 m. 2 Jun 1858 Randolph Co, VA, Angeline b. 1839 Randolph Co, VA d. 2 Jan 1881 Randolph Co, WV m. John Daniels b. 1839 Randolph Co, VA m. 5 Nov 1863 Randolph Co, VA, Caroline b. 1845 Randolph Co, VA m. John Daniels b. 1839 Randolph Co, VA m. 2 Jun 1881 Randolph Co, WV, Taylor J b. 1849 Randolph Co, VA d. 25 Feb 1890 Beverly, Randolph, WV m. Christena E Tripplett b. 1849 Randolph Co, VA m. 30 May 1869 Randolph Co, WV.
E. John W. Weese b: 5 MAR 1810 Randolph Co, WV d. 13 DEC 1881 Randolph Co, WV m. Mary Ann Rennix b. 9 Feb 1820 Elkins, Randolph, VA d. 29 Jul 1882 Randolph Co, WV m. 12 Jan 1836 Randolph Co, WA. Children: Rennix Weese, Amanda, Arnold, Martha, Sydney, Emily, Mary.
F. Jesse Weese b: ABT 1813 Randolph Co, WV d. 19 Dec 1887 m. Mahala Stalnaker b. 1816 Randolph Co, VA d. 20 Jul 1997 m. 10 Sep 1832 Randolph Co, VA. Children: David B b. 7 Sep 1835 Randolph Co, WV d. 1902 m. Jane Dodrill b. 1836 Randolph Co, VA d. 2 Sep 1901 Calhoun, WV m. 3 Oct 1854 Randolph Co, VA, Leonard Jesse b. 28 Jul 1837 Randolph Co, Va d. 25 Oct 1919 Randolph Co, WV m. Eleanor Louk b. 14 Dec 1837 VA d. 21 Jun 1914 m. 13 Jul 1858 Randolph Co, WV, Andrew J b. 1840 Randolph Co, WV m. Frances E Snider b. 3 Feb 1841 d. 4 Apr 1906 Randolph, WV m. 10 Oct 1861 Randolph Co, VA, John D b. 25 Dec 1842 Randolph Co, WV d. 10 Aug 1927 Randolph Co, WV m. Agnes Pritt b. 15 Dec 1843 Randolph Co, WV d. 11 Apr 1934 Randolph Co, WV m. 5 Jun 1866 Randolph Co, WV, Mary V. b. 1847 Randolph Co, VA m. Rankin W Stalnaker b. 1851 Valley Bend, Randolph, VA d. 31 Jan 1936 m. 4 Jul 1872 Randolph Co, WV, Sarah E b. 1850 Randolph Co, VA m. Orlando Channell b. 1843 VA m. 8 Oct 1865 Randolph Co, WV, Lucy b. 20 Apr 1851 Beverly, Randolph, VA d. 5 Mar 1941 Beverly, Randolph, WV m. Elijah Daniels b. 1846 Randolph Co, VA d. 14 Aug 1997 m. 5 Oct 1870 Randolph Co, WV, Allen b. 1852 Randolph Co, WV d. 21 Aug 1926 Randolph Co, WV m. Mary Ward, Dolly b. 25 Sep 1855 Randolph Co, VA, Henry Harper b. 1857 Randolph Co, VA d. 20 May 1929 Randolph Co, WV m. Cecelia Lloyd b. 1860 d. 3 Nov 1893 m. 15 Oct 1876 Randolph Co, WV-M2. Hannah Davis b. 1858 d. 5 Jul 1896 m. 20 Aug 1895 Randolph Co, WV-M3. Sebia Daniels b. 1867 m. 28 May 1897 Randolph Co, WV, Francis Marion b. 6 Sep 1860 Randolph Co, WV d. 24 Nov 1925 Randolph Co, WV m. Rebecca Jane Good b. 24 Sep 1862 d. 15 Apr 1955 m. 9 Feb 1882 Randolph Co, WV, Emmet b. 25 Nov 1863 Randolph Co, WV d. 14 Nov 1932 Randolph Co, WV m. Eddie Lee Pritt b. 28 May 1873 Randolph Co, WV d. 12 Aug 1959 Randolph Co, WV m. 16 Apr 1891 Randolph Co, WV, Maggie L b. 1870 Randolph Co, WV.
G. Ely Weese b: ABT 1816 Randolph Co, WV d. 1870 Randolph Co, WV m. Edith Chenoweth b. 5 Mar 1814 Randolph Co, VA d. 16 Dec 1869 Beverly, Randolph, WV m. 3 Nov 1834 Randolph Co, WV. Children: Lydia P b. 1849 Randolph Co, VA m. William H Foggy b. 1846 Randolph Co, VA m. 17 Oct 1869 Randolph Co, VA, Delia b. 1853 Randolph Co, VA m. Benjamin Franklin Triplett b. 1852 Randolph Co, VA d. 1947 m. 6 May 1875 Randolph Co, WV.
H. Sarah Weese b: 1815 Randolph Co, WV d. 7 Jul 1843 Randolph Co, VA m. John Jacob Crouch b. 1810 in Randolph Co, VA m. 1 Oct 1833 Randolph Co, VA.

Marriage Records:
Name: Absalom Weese
Gender: male
Birth Year: 1800
Spouse Name: Eunice Marstiller
Spouse Birth Year: 1806
Year: 1823
Marriage State: WV
Number Pages: 1

2. Bogart WEES b. Abt. 1783 Randolph Co, WV

3. Elizabeth WEES b. 1785 Randolph Co, WV d. 13 Apr 1853 Wheelersburg, OH m. George Kittle b. 1772 NY m. 23 Oct 1802 Randolph Co, VA

4. Christine WEES b. 1787 Randolph Co, WV m. Henry Wilfong b. 1770 Pendleton Co, VA m. 13 Feb 1809 Randolph Co, VA.

5. Daniel WEES b. 1790 Randolph Co, VA m. Mary McLain b. 1790 Randolph Co, VA m. 1809 Randolph Co, VA.

Name: Weese, Daniel
Father: Weese, Jacob
Mother: Wilfong, Elizabeth Catherine
Birth Date: 1790
State: VA
Country: USA

1850 Census: District-52, Randolph, VA:
Daniel 69 VA
Elizabeth 55 VA
Indeson 20 VA
Noah 18 VA
Haymond 15 VA
Duncan 9 VA

A. Mary Weese b. 1810 Randolph Co, VA m. Whitman Ward b. 1810 Randolph Co, VA m. 24 Nov 1829 Randolph Co, VA.
B. Rachael Weese b. 1812 Randolph Co, VA m. Haye McLean b. 1814 Randolph Co, VA m. 25 Oct 1832 Randolph Co, VA.
C. Edith Weese b. 1814 Randolph Co, VA m. Jacob W Wolford b. 1815 Randolph Co, VA m. 5 Jun 1835 Randolph Co, VA.
D. Leah Weese b. 1816 Randolph Co, VA m. Hickman Chenoweth b. 1820 Randolph Co, VA m. 17 Nov 1840 Randolph Co, VA.
E. Lydia Weese b. 1818 Randolph Co, VA m. Jacob Isner b. 1826 Randolph Co, VA m. 3 Feb 1846 Randolph Co, VA.
F. Judson B Weese b. 1820 Randolph Co, VA m. Margaret Ambrosia Wright b. 1832 Randolph Co, VA m. 14 Jan 1852 Randolph Co, VA. Children: Caroline b. 7 Jun 1855 Randolph Co, VA d. 13 Jan 1885 Randolph Co, WV, Winfield b. 12 Oct 1857 Randolph Co, VA, Minerva b. 20 Oct 1859 Randolph Co, VA, Lu Verna b. 27 Oct 1871 Randolph Co, VA
G. Noah M Weese b. 1832 Randolph Co, VA m. Harriet Wright b. 1832 Randolph Co, WV m. 2 Aug 1855 Randolph Co, WV.
H. Haymond Haywood Weese b. 1835 Randolph Co, VA m. Christiana Wilfong b. 1835 Randolph Co, WV m. 30 Mar 1865 Randolph Co, WV.
I. Duncan Weese b. 1841 Randolph Co, VA m. Amanda Melliveria McQuain
b. 1841 Randolph Co, WV m. 19 Apr 1864 Randolph Co, WV.

6. John WEES b. 1791 Randolph Co, VA m. Mary PHILLIPS b: 1791 Randolph Co, WV m. 7 Mar 1809 Randolph Co, VA

1850 Census: District 52, Randolph, VA:
John Wees 60 VA
Mary 60 VA
Catherine Phillips 19 VA

A. John WEES b: 1813 Randolph Co, WV
B. Elijah WEES b: Dec 1811 Randolph Co, WV d. Dec 1881 Palestine, Wirt, WV m. Leah CHENOWETH b: 16 Aug 1815 Randolph Co, WV d. bef. 1880 WV m. 15 Oct 1833 Randolph Co, WV. Elijah: Military: Civil War: Union
C. Job WEES b: 17 Feb 1819 Pendleton Co, VA d. 21 Oct 1853 Randolph Co, WV m. Louise SKIDMORE b: 29 Jul 1825 Pendleton Co, VA d. 29 Nov 1882 m. ABT. 1844.

7. Mary WEES b. 1793 WV m. Mr. Wells.

8. George WEES b. 11 Apr 1781 VA d. 6 Nov 1855 Randolph Co, WV m. Ruth Morgan b. 27 Mar 1784 Newton, CT d. 1 Jun 1872 Randolph Co, WV m. 20 Apr 1805 WV. Both b. Old Prim. Bapt, Elkins, Randolph, WV

1850 District-52, Randolph, VA:
George Wees 69 VA
Ruth 67 CT
Jacob 30 VA
Hiram Lang 20 VA
Amen Evetett 16 VA
Virginia Laugly 14 VA

A. Dorcus A. Wees b. 6 Aug 1819 Randolph Co, VA d. 9 Nov 1893 Randolph Co, WV m. Elias R. Lough b. 24 Aug 1815 WV d. 24 Mar 1886 Randolph Co, WV. Children: George Morgan b. 23 Mar 1845 Randolph Co, WV d. 8 May 1917 Randolph Co, WV m. Louisa Chenoweth b. 27 Jan 1857 WV d. 27 Mar 1908 Randolph Co, WV, Jacob Leslie b. 22 Aug 1847 Randolph Co, WV d. 15 Oct 1857 Randolph Co, WV.
B. Jacob M. Wees b. 3 Jan 1814 Randolph Co, VA d. 19 Apr 1902 Randolph Co, WV.
C. Zirus WEAS b. 23 Dec 1805 Randolph Co, WV
D. Ziba WEAS b: 20 NOV 1807 Randolph Co, WV d. 18 Dec 1887 Jackson Co, WV m. Nancy Ann Currence b. 3 Apr 1818 m. 25 Aug 1834 Randolph Co, WV. Child: Virginia b. 1837 VA. Ziba Weas remarried Phoebe O. Leech b. abt. 1820 VA d. 4 Jan 1865 Jackson Co, WV m. 22 Dec 1844. Children: James M. b: ABT 1846 Jackson Co, WV, Jane R. b: ABT 1852 Jackson Co, WV m. Emanuel Blake m. 14 Nov 1872, Martha A. b: ABT 1854 Jackson Co, WV, Ruth O. b: ABT 1859 Jackson Co, WV, Mary I. b: 19 MAR 1862 Sandyville, Jackson, WV d. 19 Oct 1907 Sandyville, Jackson, WV m. Thomas Arthur Wilcox b. 8 Mar 1862 Amesville, Athens, OH d. 31 Jan 1949 Sandyville, Jackson, WV m. 19 Mar 1884 Jackson Co, WV. M3. Ann P Devour b. abt. 1830 Marion Co, WV m. 29 Jul 1865.
E. Rebecca WEAS b: 4 DEC 1809 Randolph Co, WV
F. Catharine M. WEAS b: 12 JAN 1812 Randolph Co, WV
G. Martha WEAS b: 12 JAN 1822 Randolph Co, WV

More about Ziba and family:
"Pioneers in Jackson Co., W. Va, History of Mill Creek and Sandy Valley and It's Early Settlements," by John A. House, 1906, page 207: "Ziba Weas married Phebe Leach. He came to Jackson Co. in 1840, and lived at Ripley, two years before moving to the head of Little Creek of Mill Creek. He owned a little mill at his home on the head of Mill Creek, on which he both ground corn and sawed timber. Mrs. Westfall says he owned the Sam Hall place, on the head of Little Creek of Mill Creek. While in Ripley, he owned a hotel. He married first, according to Webb Chapman, Phebe Leach. He is said also to have married a Miss Hornbeck, and they had a daughter Virginia." ‎(According to census records Virginia is his oldest child, which would Make Phebe his second wife. PAHawkins)‎. Page 244: "Ziba Weas, father of James Weas and Mrs D. W. Chapman, spent the greater part of the last half of his life at Sandyville. He is buried in a cut stone vault in an annex at the east end of the old Sandyville graveyard. Ziba Weas was of German origin, was a son of George Weas, and a grandson of Jacob Weas, who was born in 1733, and died in 1826. He married Ruth Morgan, of the old Morgan ap Morgan stock. Of their children: Zirus, born in Randolph County in 1805, Ziba, born in Randolph County in 1807."

More about Mary Weas:
Her wedding gift was a farm of approximately 88 acres.

More about her husband:
From T. A. Wilcox Bible: "he was the best father a child ever had so kind to all who knew him never complaining to none - We his children loved him so very much." From T. A. Wilcox Bible: "T. A. Wilcox, Nov 4th 1921, Protracted meeting in Progress at McGhee Chapel. C. E. Crow professed conversion. W. A. Stanley and L F. Haynes converted. A grand revival." :These three still hold good. Dec 10 - 1922" "March 10th 1922 Princess, Ky. Met Mary S---.---. on th A. C. & D. R.R. Results expected. One grand failure." Sharon recalls seeing him only two times, about 1938, and again about 1945. "He was old and had white hair and a long mustache. He told us stories of the family, and the land, but I was too young to remember." T. Arthur and his neighbor strung the wire in order to have phone service. A "paid" bill "Sold to Sandyville Telephone Co., Divisin #8, T. A. Wilcox," and dated Feb/27, 1906 lists 225 10" Brackets and #12 Insulators, 25 #4 Porcelain Knobs, 5 #501 Lgt/Arresters, and 100 ft. #18 W. P. Copper Wire for a total due of $69.54.

Obituary: "T. A. Wilcox, age 86, died at his home near Sandyville, Monday morning. Mr. Wilcox got up at his usual hour, five o'clock that morning, and remarked to a member of the family that he never felt better. At seven o'clock he suddenly slumped down in his chair and was dead. Heart failure must have been the cause of his death. Funeral services were held at the Independence church Wednesday afternoon and burial was made in the church cemetery. Rev. H. R. Nuzum conducted the funeral services. He is survived by two sons, Hubert Wilcox at home and James H. Wilcox, Oakford, Ind., and two daughters, Mrs. Sarah E. James, Polk, Pa., and Mrs Ethel Pickens at Home."

Crow Summit was a small community near Sandyville.

Information courtsy of Phil Hawkins: ­http­://­awt­.­ancestry­.­com­/­cgi­-­bin­/­igm­.­cgi­?­op­=­GET­&­db­=­phawkins­&­id­=­I1245­

9. Michael Wees b. 1784 WV d. 10 May 1813 Randolph Co, WV m. Margaret Isner b. 1783 Randolph Co, VA d. 1856 Randolph Co, VA m. 20 Nov 1806 Randolph Co, VA.

Tombstone Inscriptions at BURIALS IN THE ARNOLD HILL CEMETERY, Randolph Co., WV
Catherine WEESE, ‎(1749/52-5 Dec 1842)‎, wife of Jacob Weese, Senior
Jacob WEES, Sr., ‎(1733-11 June 1826)‎
Jacob WEES, Jr., ‎(1776-24 June 1832)‎, Son of Jacob Wees, Senior
Sarah ISNER WEESE BUCKEY, ‎(c.1780-)‎, wife of Jacob Weese, Jr.

WEESE, 12 year old daughter of Jacob & Catherine Weese--Chapman Index indicates this is first burial in cemetery. No other source.

George WEES, ‎(11 April 1781-6 Nov 1855)‎, Son of Jacob
Jacob M. WEES, ‎(3 Jan 1814-19 April 1902)‎, Son of George & Ruth Wees
Ruth Morgan WEES, ‎(27 Mar 1784-1 June 1872)‎, Wife of George Wees
Dorcus LOUGH, 6 Aug 1819-9 Nov 1893 Dau of George Wees & Ruth Morgan
Elias R. LOUGH, ‎(24 Aug 1815-24 Mar 1886)‎, Husband of Dorcus
George Morgan LOUGH, ‎(23 Mar 1845-8 May 1917)‎, Son of Elias & Dorcus
Jacob Leslie LOUGH, ‎(22 Aug 1847-15 Oct 1857)‎, Son of Elias & Dorcus
Louisa CHENOWETH LOUGH,27 Jan 1857-27 Mar 1908 Wife of George M.
Michael WEES, ‎(1784-10 May 1813)‎, Son of Jacob Wees
‎(May not be buried here but has new bronze marker in new part of

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Family with Parents
George Michael Wildfang ‎(I34)‎
Birth 1724 29 24 GER Or Boehmen Koenigreich, Austria
Death 24 May 1808 ‎(Age 84)‎ Sugar Grove, Pendleton, W. V
4 years
Sophia Catrina Veitheim ‎(I35)‎
Birth 1728 Germany
Death 1814 ‎(Age 86)‎ Brushy Fork Hmstd, Pendleton., WV

Marriage: 16 March 1747 -- Tulpehocken Valley, Berks, PA
8 years
Major George Michael "Jacob" Wilfong ‎(I28)‎
Birth 1755 31 27 NC Or VA
Death 1830 ‎(Age 75)‎ ONT, CAN
-7 years
Elizabeth Catarina Wilfong ‎(I176)‎
Birth 6 March 1748 24 20 Tulpehoken Valley, Berks, PA
Death 6 December 1842 ‎(Age 94)‎ Elkins, Randolph, W V
15 months
Anna Maria Wilfong ‎(I177)‎
Birth June 1749 25 21 Tulpechocken Valley, Berks, PA
2 years
Maria Margaretha Wilfong ‎(I178)‎
Birth 15 October 1751 27 23 Tulpehoken Valley, Berks, PA
Death 1811 ‎(Age 59)‎ Augusta Co., VA
2 years
Susanna Catharine Wilfong ‎(I179)‎
Birth July 1753 29 25 Lebanon Co., PA
7 years
Jacob Wilfong, Sr. ‎(I180)‎
Birth 1760 36 32 W V
Death May 1838 ‎(Age 78)‎ Pendleton Co., W V
5 years
Eve Wilfong ‎(I181)‎
Birth 1765 41 37 Pendleton Co., W V
Death 1808 ‎(Age 43)‎ Randolph Co., W V
-5 years
John Wilfong ‎(I182)‎
Birth before 1760 36 32 Pendleton Co., W. V.
2 years
Christina Wilfong ‎(I183)‎
Birth 1762 38 34 Pendleton Co., W. V.
8 years
Henry Wilfong ‎(I184)‎
Birth 1770 46 42 Pendleton Co., W. V.
Death 1843 ‎(Age 73)‎ Pendleton Co., W. V.
1 year
Mary Magdalena Wilfong ‎(I185)‎
Birth 1771 47 43 Pendleton Co., W V
Death 1845 ‎(Age 74)‎ OH
1 year
Barbara Wilfong ‎(I186)‎
Birth 1772 48 44 Pendleton Co., W V
Death October 1811 ‎(Age 39)‎ Green Co, TN
3 years
Sara "Salome" Wilfong ‎(I187)‎
Birth 1775 51 47 W V
3 years
Michael Wilfong ‎(I190)‎
Birth 15 November 1777 53 49 Pendleton Co., W V
Death 1 May 1850 ‎(Age 72)‎ Campbellsburg, Washington, IN