Josiah Henry "Joseph" Wilfong Josiah Henry "Joseph" Wilfong  ‎(I1341)‎
Josiah Henry "Joseph" Wilfong
Nickname: Joseph

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: May 1852 58 37 Upshur Co, WV
Death: 14 January 1928 ‎(Age 75)‎ Upshur Co, WV
Personal Facts and Details

Josiah ‎(Joseph)‎ "Joe" Henry WILFONG b: May 1852 Ten Mile, Upshur, WV d. 14 Jan 1928 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV from senility b. Heavner Cemetery in Buckhannon, Upshur, WV m. Emeline "Emma" Grubb b. 10 Jan 1852 VA d. 17 Apr 1900 Upshur Co, WV ‎(17 Apr 1906?)‎ b. Mt. Washington Cemetery in Upshur Co, WV m. 10 Sep 1872 Upshur Co, WV.

WV Marriages:
Josiah Wilfong & Emiline Grubb
Date: 10 Sep 1872
Place: Upshur

1880 Census: Washington, Upshur, WV:
Josiah WILLFONG Self 28 WV Farmer VA. VA.
Emaline WILLFONG Wife 25 WV Keeping House WV WV
Thomas WILLFONG Other 27 WV Laborer WV WV

1900 Census: Washington, Upshur, WV:
Jos Willfong 57 May 1843 Wd Farmer WV
Lucy J Willfong Dau Mar 1875 25 WV

Mt. Washington Cemtery in Upshur Co, WV:
Wilfong, Emeline Apr 17, 1906 Wife of Josiah

1. Lucy J. Wilfong b. 20 Mar 1878 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV d. 20 Oct 1931 at Warren City Hospital in Warren, Trumbull, OH from shock; postoperative; carcinoma of the bowels b. Braceville, Trumbull, OH m. Charles Amos Craven b. 1 Dec 1867 Union, Wood, WV d. 18 Nov 1926 Warren, Trumbull, OH m. 13 Feb 1901 Upshur Co, WV. Not finding Charles' death cert.

WV Marriages:
Charles A Craven & Lucy Wilfong
Place: 13 Feb 1901
Place: Upshur

1910 Census: Norton, Summit, OH:
C A Craven 41 m.9yrs Night watch, rubber plant PA PA WV
Lucie Craven Wife 35 4births 4living WV WV WV
Jessee Craven Dau 8 WV
Charls Craven Son 6
Joseph Craven Son 4
Mance Craven Dau 2

Jan 1920 Census: Union, Upshur, WV:
Chas A Craoan 53 Farmer WV PA IN
Lucy J Craoan Wife 46 WV WV WV
Joseph Craoan Son 15
Maurie Craoan Dau 12
Sadee Craoan Dau 8
Ernest Craoan Son 4y7mo
Lena Craoan Dau 1y10mo

OH Deaths:
Name: Charles A Craven
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 18 Nov 1926
Event Place: Trumbull, OH, USA
Residence Place: OH

OH Deaths:
Name: Lucy Craven
Date of Death: 20 Oct 1931
Death place: Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio
Birth date: 20 Mar 1878
Birth place: Buchanon, West Virginia, Usa
Age at death: 53 years 7 months
Gender: Female
Marital status: Widowed
Race or color: Caucasian
Burial date: 23 Oct 1931
Burial place: Braceville
Spouse name: Charles A. Craven
Father name: Joseph Whilfong
Father birth place: West Virginia
Mother name: Grubb...
Mother birth place: West Virginia

A. Jessie Elizabeth Craven b. 3 Mar 1902 WV d. 6 Aug 1995 at home in Warren, Trumbull, OH m. Mr. Giddings d. bef. 1995.
B. Charles Craven b. 1904 WV
C. Joseph William Craven b. 24 Apr 1907 WV d. 20 Jun 1942 Warren, Trumbull, OH from a truck/train accident ‎(head decapitated, body mangled)‎ m. Dorothy Ford b. 1913 OH m. 1930 OH. 1930 Weathersfield, Trumbull, OH.
D. Maurie "Mance" Craven b. 1908 WV.
E. Sadie Craven b. 1912 WV. Apr 1930 an inmate in Florence Critteden Home Maternity Home for Unwed Mothers in Youngstown, Mahoning, OH. Child: Ruth M. b. Dec 1929 OH.
F. Ernest Harlis Craven b. 21 Jun 1915 WV d. 5 Sep 1983 Los Angeles Co, CA.
F. Lena Craven b. Nov 1918 WV.

OH Deaths:
Name: Joseph William Craven
Death date: 20 Jun 1942
Death place: Warren, Trumbull, Ohio
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Spouse name: Dorothy Ford Craven
Father name: Charles Craven
Mother name: Lucy Wilfong

CA Deaths:
Name: Ernest Harlis Craven
Social Security #: 280180429
Birth Date: 21 Jun 1915
Birthplace: West Virginia
Death Date: 5 Sep 1983
Death Place: Los Angeles
Mother's Maiden Name: Wilfong

Josiah Wilfong remarried Nancy "Nannie" Bell Burner b. 21 Jun 1869 Pocahontas Co, WV d. 1 Feb 1947 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV from cancer of the colon b. Heavner Cemetery in Upshur Co, WV m. 2 Feb 1901 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV.

WV Marriaes:
Josiah Wilfong & Nannie Burner
Date: 2 Feb 1901
Place: Buckhannon, Upshur, WV

1910 Census: Washington, Upshur, WV:
Josiah Wilfong 58 M2 m.9yrs Farmer WV
Mary B Wilfong Wife 35 1birth 1Living WV
Lee Wilfong Son 7 WV

1920 Census: Washington, Upshur, WV:
Josiah Wilfong 68 Farmer WV
Nannie Wilfong Wife 47 WV
Lee Wilfong Son 17 Track laborer for the railroad WV

1930 Census: Buckhannon, Upshur, WV:
Lee B. Wilfong 27 WV
Gertrude Wilfong Wife 22 WV
Wallace L. Wilfong Son 1y7m
Nannie B. Wilfong Mother 56 WD WV

1940 Census; Buckhannon, Upshur, WV:
Lee R Wilfong 37 Truck driver WV
Gertrude Wilfong Wife 32 WV
Wallace Lee Wilfong Son 11 WV
Shirley Wilfong Dau 6 WV
Nannie Wilfong Mother 73 Wd WV

2. Lee Burner Wilfong b. 29 APR 1902 Upshur Co, WV d. 2 Jan 1951 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV from acute bronchopneumonia & pulmonary TB m. Lillian Gertrude Hardway b. 15 Dec 1907 Pickens, Randolph, WV d. 17 Nov 2002 in Holbrook's Nursing Home in Buckhannon, Upshur, WV m. 14 FEB 1927 Upshur Co, WV. Both b. Heavner Cemetery in Upshur Co, WV. 1930, 1940 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV.

WV Marriages:
Lee Burner Wilfong & Lillian Gertrude Hardway
Date: 14 Feb 1927
Place: Buckhannon, Upshur, WV.

A. SFC, Wallace Lee Wilfong b. 5 Sep 1928 Upshur Co, WV d. 21 Feb 2001 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV b. Heavner Cem in Upshur Co, WV m. Lois Meta Goodwin b. 7 Feb 1931 Sewickley, Allegheny, PA d. 22 Mar 2006 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV m. 13 Oct 1955 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV. Wallace was in the Korean War. Children: David D. b. Sep 1956, Kevin L b. Nov 1957, William.
B. Shirley Ellen Wilfong b. Aug 1933 Upshur Co, WV m. William Wesley Lewis b. 3 Dec 1926 Webster Co, WV d. 15 Nov 1996 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV b. Heavner Cem in Upshur Co, WV m. 28 May 1955 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV. 20 Dec 1944 William enlisted for WWII in IN. 2002 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV.

There is another grandchild in Lillian's obituary:
Deborah Verace living in Arlington, TX. I'm not sure if she belongs to Wallace or Shirley. Deborah "Debbie, Debra" b. Dec 1958 m. Thomas "Tom" J Verace b. Apr 1957.

US Veterans Gravesites:
Name: Wallace Lee Wilfong
Service Info.: SFC US ARMY KOREA
Birth Date: 5 Sep 1928
Death Date: 21 Feb 2001
Cemetery: Heavner Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Buckhannon, WV 26201

Name: Lois M. Wilfong
SSN: 234-52-5455
Last Residence: 26201 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV
Born: 7 Feb 1931
Died: 22 Mar 2006
State ‎(Year)‎ SSN issued: WV ‎(1951)‎

Name: William W. Lewis
SSN: 235-34-0667
Last Residence: 26201 Buckhannon, Upshur, WV USA
Born: 3 Dec 1926
Died: 15 Nov 1996
State ‎(Year)‎ SSN issued: WV ‎(Before 1951)‎

US Veterans Gravesites:
Name: William Wesley Lewis
Birth Date: 3 Dec 1926
Death Date: 20 Nov 1996
Cemetery: Heavner Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Buckhannon, WV 26201

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Lillian Gertrude Hardway WilfongLillian Gertrude Hardway Wilfong  ‎(M1553)‎

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Family with Parents
Henry Wilfong ‎(I1197)‎
Birth 1794 24 2 Pendleton Co., WV
Death 1865 ‎(Age 71)‎ Upshur Co, WV
21 years
Martha Pritt ‎(I1337)‎
Birth 1815 VA
Death 1877 ‎(Age 62)‎ Upshur Co, WV

Marriage: 25 August 1853 -- Upshu Co, WV
-6 years
Ashley Wesley Wilfong ‎(I1338)‎
Birth 11 December 1847 53 32 Bull Runn, Lewis, WV
Death 30 June 1930 ‎(Age 82)‎ Upshur Co, WV
5 years
William Alonzo Wilfong ‎(I1339)‎
Birth 9 January 1853 59 38 Upshur Co, WV
Death 13 December 1933 ‎(Age 80)‎ Akron, Summt, OH
4 years
Robert James Wilfong ‎(I1340)‎
Birth 18 July 1856 62 41 Upshur Co, WV
-4 years
Josiah Henry "Joseph" Wilfong ‎(I1341)‎
Birth May 1852 58 37 Upshur Co, WV
Death 14 January 1928 ‎(Age 75)‎ Upshur Co, WV
Father's Family with Anna Marie Kiracofe
Henry Wilfong ‎(I1197)‎
Birth 1794 24 2 Pendleton Co., WV
Death 1865 ‎(Age 71)‎ Upshur Co, WV
-7 years
Anna Marie Kiracofe ‎(I1327)‎
Birth 15 March 1787 Shenandoah Co, VA
Death 1842 ‎(Age 54)‎ WV

Marriage: 26 August 1811 -- Augusta Co., VA
10 years
Anna Lee Wilfong ‎(I1328)‎
Birth 11 October 1821 27 34 Augusta Co., VA
Death 1884 ‎(Age 62)‎ Upshur Co, WV
7 months
Henry Wilfong, Jr ‎(I1329)‎
Birth May 1822 28 35 Pendleton Co., VA
Death 24 October 1906 ‎(Age 84)‎ Upshur Co, WV
3 years
George W Wilfong ‎(I1330)‎
Birth 16 December 1824 30 37 Pendleton Co., VA
Death 13 January 1897 ‎(Age 72)‎ WV
4 years
Elias "Eli" Wilfong ‎(I1331)‎
Birth 1829 35 41 Pendleton Co., VA
Death 22 October 1872 ‎(Age 43)‎ Upshur Co, WV
-10 years
John Frederick Wilfong ‎(I1332)‎
Birth 14 April 1819 25 32 Pendleton Co., VA
Death 1863 ‎(Age 43)‎ WV
12 years
Sally Sartin Wilfong ‎(I1333)‎
Birth 1831 37 43 Augusta Co., VA
-9 years
Hannah Wilfong ‎(I1335)‎
Birth 1822 28 34 Upshur Co, WV
Death 18 September 1888 ‎(Age 66)‎ Upshur Co, WV
3 years
Elizabeth "Betsy" Wilfong ‎(I1336)‎
Birth 1825 31 37 Upshur Co, WV
Death 1860 ‎(Age 35)‎