George W Wilfong  ‎(I1330)‎
George W Wilfong

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 16 December 1824 30 37 Pendleton Co., VA
Death: 13 January 1897 ‎(Age 72)‎ WV
Personal Facts and Details

George W. Wilfong b. 16 Dec 1824 Pendleton Co, VA d. 13 Jan 1897 VA/WV m. Frances "Francis, Fanny" Boyles b. 13 Nov 1824 VA d. 9 Oct 1901 Fairmont, Marion, WV from dropsy m. 1846 VA. Both b. Everettville Cemetery in Monongalia Co, WV.

14 Aug 1850 Census: Lewis Co, VA:
George Wilflong 22 VA
Francis Wilflong 20 VA
Charles Wilflong 2 VA
Mary Wilflong 4mo VA

1860 District 4, Monongalia, VA:
George Wilfang 33 Farmer VA
Frances Wilfang 34 VA
Charles Wilfang 13 VA
Mary K Wilfang 11 VA
Martha E Wilfang 9 VA
Delilah Wilfang 7 VA
Evan Wilfang 5 VA
Lewis C Wilfang 2mo VA

1880 Clinton, Monongalia, WV:
George WILLFONG Self 55 VA Farmer VA VA
Frances WILLFONG Wife 52 VA Housekeeping VA VA
Clinton WILLFONG Son 20 VA Laborer At Home VA VA
Henry L. WILLFONG Son 17 VA At Home VA VA
John W. WILLFONG Son 15 WV At Home VA VA
Joseph W. WILLFONG Son 13 WV At Home VA VA
Edward WILLFONG Son 9 WV At Home VA VA

1900 Census: Paw Paw, Marion, WV:
Frances Wilfong Sep 1822 77 Wd 10 births 7 living WV
John W. Wilfong Son Feb 1865 35 Contractor WV
Joseph W. Wilfong Son May 1868 32 Contractor WV

1. Charles M. Wilfong b. 23 Apr 1848 VA ‎(Upshur Co, WV death cert)‎ d. 10 Sep 1924 Paw Paw, Marion, WV from apoplexy & infirmity due to advanced age m. Margaret Emma Hilderbrand b. 22 Aug 1850 PA d. 5 Jun 1919 Fairmont, Marion, WV from an embolism m. 15 Jul 1869 Monongalia Co, WV. Both b. Mt. Pisgah Cemetery in Fairmont Co, WV. 1880, 1910‎(12births 11Living)‎, 1910‎(12births 10living)‎ Clinton, Monongalia, WV, 1920 Fairmont, Marion, WV.

WV Marriages:
Charles Willfong & Margaret E Hildebrand
Marriage Date: 15 Jul 1869
Place: Monongalia Co, WV

A. Lydia Ann Wilfong b. 6 Apr 1870 Monongalia Co, WV d. 13 Sep 1953 at Monongalia General Hosp in Morgantown, Monongalia, WV from a pulmonary embolism b. Pisgah Cem in Marion Co, WV m. William Jackson Smith b. 26 Nov 1854 Monongalia Co, WV d. 25 Jan 1926 Monongalia Co, WV from cardiac asthma b. Smith Cem in WV m. 9 Jul 1891 Palatine, Monongalia, WV. 1910‎(1birth 0living)‎, 1920 Grant, Monongalia, WV.
B. Elsie May Wilfong b. 23 Jan 1872 Clinton, Monongalia, WV d. 11 Jul 1955 at Fmt-Emg-Hosp in Fairmont, Marion, WV from cardiac m. Lawrence Mcminn Hennen b. 18 Jul 1872 Fairmont, Marion, WV d. 30 May 1953 Fairmont, Marion, WV from coronary thrombosis m. 27 Oct 1897 Marion Co, WV. Both b. Woodlawn Cem in Marion Co, WV. 1900 Washington, DC, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1942 Fairmont, Marion, WV.
C. Harry George Wilfong b. 24 Jan 1874 Clinton, Monongalia, WV d. 18 Aug 1952 at Frick Mem Hosp in Scottsdale, Westmooreland, PA from a stroke m. Nancy Beatty b. 1884 Saltsburg, Indiana, PA d. 1967 PA m. abt. 1918. Both b. Edgewood Cem in Indiana Co, PA; 1910 living w/Lemuel, 1918 Duquesne, Allegheny, PA, 1920-1930 Clairton, Allegheny, PA. Children: Harry George, Jr. b. 11 Apr 1918 Allegheny Co, PA d. 30 May 1933 Clairton, Allegheny, PA from status thymica lymphyliaticus b. Edgewood Cem in Indiana Co, PA, Beulah b. 1921 Allegheny Co, PA, William W.
D. Bertha D. Wilfong b. 8 Sep 1876 Clinton, Monongalia, WV d. 30 Nov 1904 Opekieka, Monongalia, WV from Bright's Disease b. Pisgah Cem in Marion Co, WV. Never married
E. Lemuel Lawrence Wilfong b. 6 Aug 1879 Clinton, Monongalia, WV d. 17 Aug 1954 Los Angeles Co, CA m. Amy I. Ingram b. 30 Nov 1881 Wales, ENG d. 29 Jan 1969 Los Angeles Co, CA m. abt. 1901; 1910 Clairton Boro, Allegheny, PA, 1918 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, 1930 Huntington Park, Los Angeles, CA, 1940 Montebello, Los Angeles, CA. Children: James I. b. 28 Nov 1901 PA d. 24 May 1941 Alameda Co, CA m. Essie Emma Dickerson b. 7 Aug 1901 VA d. 24 Jan 1989 Los Angeles Co, CA m. 1925 & div by 1938; 1930 Taft, Kern, CA ‎(Children: Nancy Lou b. 28 Jun 1928 Kern Co, CA d. 6 Sep 1993 Los Angeles Co, CA m. Mr. Bothwell, Donald James b. 24 May 1933 Los Angeles Co, CA)‎; Essie Dickerson Wilfong remarried Parker Delos Vanneman b. 27 SEP 1891 Coffeeville, Montgomery, KS d. 8 SEP 1954 Taft, Kern, CA m. 1938; 1940 Southgate, Los Angeles, CA, Dorothy b. 1906 PA, Margaret b. 1908 PA, Jack I. b. 31 May 1918 Los Angeles Co, CA d. 10 Sep 1968 Los Angeles Co, CA m. Emma J McGuire b. 1920 m. 1947 & div Sep 1966 Los Angeles City, Los Angeles, CA; 1940 Jack living at home.
F. Elmer E. Wilfong b. 26 Jun 1882 Opekiska, Monongalia, WV d. 17 Apr 1911 Fairmont, Marion, WV from Bright's Disease b. Pisgah Cem in Marion Co, WV m. Margaret Ann Mahaffey b. 29 Sep 1884 Taylor Co, WV d. 16 Nov 1965 Grafton, Taylor, WV from carcinoma of the liver, uremia m. 24 Apr 1904 Taylor Co, WV. 1910‎(2births 2living)‎ Clinton, Monongalia, WV. Children: Agnes Margaret b. 30 Jun 1905 Monongalia Co, WV d. 16 Sep 1919 Grafton, Taylor, WV from tonsillitis & nephritis b. Pisgah Cem in Fairmont Co, WV, Alice Jane b. 12 Jun 1908 ‎(1 Jun 1907 marriage cert)‎ Grafton, Taylor, WV d. 12 Mar 1995 Grafton, Taylor, WV m. Frances "Francis" G King b. 5 Feb 1902 Taylor Co, WV m. 29 Oct 1932 Taylor Co, WV; 1940 Grafton, Taylor, WV. After the death of Elmer Wilfong, Margaret remarried George Walter McFarling b. 30 Nov 1880 Taylor Co, WV d. bef. 1930 m. 20 Sep 1916 Taylor Co, WV; 1920 Fetterman, Taylor, WV, 1930, 1940 Grafton, Taylor, WV.
G. Howard Frederick Wilfong b. 22 Sep 1883 Opekiska, Monongalia, WV ‎(Orville, OH death cert)‎ d. 20 Mar 1944 Zanesville, Muskingum, OH from coronary thrombosis b. McConnelsville Cem in Morgan Co, OH m. Daisy L. Rose b. 17 Sep 1887 Hinton, Summers, WV ‎(17 Sep 1889 birth cert)‎ d. 22 Dec 1936 at Raleigh General in Beckley, Raleigh, WV from cerebral hemorrhage b. Sunset Memorial Park in Raleigh Co, WV m. 1 Jun 1910 Beckley, Raleigh, WV. 1918, 1930 Beckley, Raleigh, WV, Children: Margaret Rose b. 15 Apr 1911 Raleigh Co, WV, Anna b. 1916 WV. Howard remarried Carolyn Margaret Tavenner Smith b. 1 Jun 1906 McConnesville, Morgan, OH d. 13 Nov 1990 at Trinity Regional Hosp in Ft. Dodge, Webster, IA b. St. Joseph Catholic Church Cem in Kossuth Co, IA m. bet. 1936 & 1940. Carolyn previously married to Mr. Smith & had two children. 1940 McConnesville, Morgan, OH, 1942 Monongalia Co, WV. Child: Lois J b. 29 Sep 1939 Zanesville, Muskingum, OH m. William N Bormann b. 29 Sep 1934 m. 31 Jan 1959 St. Joseph, Kossuth, IA; 1990 West Bend, IA. After the death of Howard, Carolyn remarried Peter N. Zeimet b. 20 DEC 1892 Humboldt Co, IA d. 02 MAR 1995 West Bend, Palo Alto, IA b. St. Joseph Catholic Church Cem in Kossuth Co, IA m. 15 JAN 1947 St. Joseph, Kossuth, IA at the St. Joseph Catholic Church
H. Frank John Wilfong b. 12 Feb 1885 Clinton, Monongalia, WV d. Jun 1976 Winchester, Winchester City, WV m. Auda "Audra" Louise Kennedy b. 15 Aug 1888 Monongalia Co, WV d. 30 Nov 1954 m. 1 Oct 1909 Morgantown, Monongalia, WV. 12 Sep 1918, Jan 1920, Apr 1930, 1940 Farimont, Marion, WV. Children: Albert K b. 10 Oct 1910 Fairmont, Marion, WV d. aft. 1941 m. Dorothy C Johnson 10 Dec 1913 Scarbro, Fayette, WV d. 26 Feb 2002 at St. Joseph's Hosp in Parkersburg, Wood, WV b. Mt. Olivet Cem in Wood Co, WV m. 1929; 1929, 1930 Fairmont, Marion, WV, 1935, 1940 Parkersburg, Wood, WV, 5 Oct 1941 Albert arriving in Brooklyn, NY from Spain but living in Washington, DC ‎(Children: Margaret Ellen b. 21 Feb 1933 Marion Co, WV m. Richard Arthur Wolfe b. 21 Feb 1924 Wood Co, WV m. 29 Nov 1950 Wood Co, WV; Margaret remarried Mr. Baughman; 2002 Parkersburg, WV, Jo Ann b. 23 Aug 1930 WV m. Jack Earl Myers b. 11 Sep 1927 Wood Co, WV d. 28 Feb 1989 Vienna, Wood, WV m. 16 Nov 1951 Wood Co, WV, Norma Jean b. 11 Aug 1936 Parkersburg, Wood, WV d. 28 Mar 1945 Parkersburg, Wood, WV from endocarditis b. Mt. Olivet Cem in WV)‎; after the death of Albert, Dorothy remarried Wilbur L Staats d. bef. 2002 m. aft. 1940, Alfred Lee b. Sep 1917 Fairmont, Marion, WV d. 30 Jul 1918 Fairmont, Marion, WV, cholera infantum b. Woodlawn Cem in Marion Co,WV, Amy "Anna" L b. Dec 1919 WV.
I. Florence "Flossie" Blake Wilfong b. 4 Jun 1888 Clinton, Monongalia, WV d. 3 Feb 1924 Fairmont, Marion, WV from nephritis w/childbirth & complications b. Pisgah Cem in Monongalia Co, WV m. John Edwin Stevens b. 14 Apr 1892 Philadelphia Co, PA d. aft. 1924 m. 26 Jun 1920 Fairmont, Marion, WV.
J. Ralph Guy Wilfong b. 28 Aug 1890/91 Clinton, Monongalia, WV d. 08 Jan 1963 at VA Hosp in Durham, Durham, NC from myocardial infarctionb. Mount Lawn Memorial Park & Gardens in Boone, NC m. Mary Jane b. 28 Jun 1902 NC d. 17 Nov 1991 NC m. abt. 1926. 1917 Beckley, Raleigh, WV, 1920 living w/parents, 1935, 1940 North Raleigh, Wake, NC. Child: Charles Emerson b. 11 May 1926 Raleigh, Wake, NC d. 2 Sep 2005 Yuba City, Sutter, CA m. Betty Lou Steelman b. 1930 NC m. 16 Apr 1949 Elkin, Surry, NC; 1946 registered for WWII, 1963 serving in the Air Force in CA.
K. Edna E. Wilfong b. 1 May 1893 Clinton, Monongalia, WV. Lived at home until 1920. I don't see her after that.
L. Chloe D Wilfong b. d. 30 Apr 1887 Clinton, Monongalia Co, WV from UNK b. Pisgah Cem in Monongalia Co, WV.

2. Mary Catherine Wilfong b. 22 FEB 1850 VA ‎(Monongalia Co, WV marriage cert)‎ d. 10 Jun 1927 Fairmont, Marion, WV from myocarditis m. David Harrington ‎(Herrington)‎ b. Dec 1832 Greene Co, PA d. 23 Jan 1920 Watson, Marion, WV m. 13 Sep 1866 Monongalia Co, WV. Both b. Maple Grove Cemetery in Marion Co, WV. This was David's second marriage.

WV Marriages:
David Harrington & Mary Wilfong
Marriage Date: 13 Sep 1866
Marriage Place: Monongalia, West Virginia

1900 Census: Clinton, Monongalia, WV:
David Herington Dec 1832 67 m.32yrs Carpenter PA PA PA
Mary C Herington Wife Jan 1850 50 10births 9living WV
Robert L Herington Son Feb 1873 27 Day laborer WV
Gerge ? Herington Son May 1874 26 Day labrorer WV
Delila Herington Dau Dec 1878 21 WV
Mollie Herington Dau Feb 1884 16 WV
Daniel Herington Son Jan 1887 13 WV
Jenny Herington Dau Mar 1889 11 WV
Joseph Herington Son Feb 191 8 WV

1910 Census: Union, Marion, WV:
David Harrington M2 77 m.42yrs PA
Mary C Harrington Wife 59 12births 8living WV
Daniel C Harrington Son 22 works for the RR WV
Joseph A Harrington Son 18 Laborer, grocery store

1920 Census: Grant, Marion, WV:
David Herington 88 PA
Mary C Herington Wife 70 WV
Louie Herington Son 59 Married PA

3. Martha E. Wilfong b. 1852 VA.

4. Delilah Wilfong b. 25 May 1854 VA d. 3 Apr 1875 Monongalia Co, WV b. Everettville Cem in Monogalia Co, WV. Never married

5. Evan or Iven Wilfong b. 20 Nov 1856 VA d. 5 Nov 1860 Monongalia Co, WV from diptheria b. Everettville Cem in Monongalia Co, WV.

6. Lewis Clinton Wilfong b. 14 Mar 1860 VA d. 24 Feb 1921 Farimont, Marion, WV ‎(Monongalia Co, WV marriage cert)‎ b. Everettville Cem in Monongalia Co, WV ‎(death cert Maple Grove Cem)‎ m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" L. Watson b. 19 AUG 1859 Monongalia Co, WV d. 4 Nov 1930 Fairmont, Marion WV from myocarditis b. Maple Grove Cemetery in Marion Co, WV m. 20 Sep 1883 Marion Co, WV. 1900‎(5births 5living)‎ Paw Paw, Marion, WV, 1910‎(6births 6living)‎ Union, Marion, WV, 1920 Fairmont, Marion, WV.

WV Marriages:
Lewis C Wilfong & Lizzie Weston
Date: 20 Sep 1883
Place: Marion County

A. Ethel R. Wilfong b. 25 Jun 1884 Monongalia Co, WV d. Nov 1978 Fairmont, Marion, WV m. James Albert "Bert" Satterfield b. 8 May 1881 Fairmont, Marion, WV d. 23 Apr 1947 Fairmont, Marion, WV from cerebral hemorrhge b. Maple Grove Cem in Marion Co, WV m. 25 Dec 1907 Wheeling, Marion, WV; 1910‎(1birth 1Living)‎ Union, Marion, WV, 1918 Fairmont, Marion, WV, 1920, 1930 Union, Marion, WV, 1941 Pleasant Valley, Marion, WV.
B. Frances "Fannie" Wilfong b. 22 Mar 1885/12 Apr 1886 Clinton, Monongalia, WV ‎(Fairmont, Marion, WV marriage cert)‎ d. 13 Apr 1962 West Mahoning, Indiana, PA from cerebral vascular accident b. Emory Chapel Mem Park in Armstrong Co, PA m. William Frederick "Fred" Maxwell b. 2 Jul 1881 Pittsburgh Co, PA d. 19 Apr 1925 Cuyahoga Co, OH/Jan 1923 m. 11 May 1912 Wheeling, Ohio, WV. 1920 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH. Frances remarried Arthur Charles Clark b. 23 Jul 1886 Syracuse, Onondaga, NY d. Aug 1964 Indiana Co, PA b. Emory Chapel Mem Park in Armstrong Co, PA m. 30 Jul 1928 Cuyahoga Co, OH. 1942 Indiana Co, PA.
C. Charles Love Wilfong b. 8 Aug 1893 WV d. 22 Sep 1917 at Lakeside Hosp in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH from pulmonary TB b. in Marion Co, WV m. Corine "Corene" Newkirk b. Sep 1896 PA d. 30 Nov 1917 Fairmont, Marion, WV from puerpal eclampsia. Not finding a marriage cert. 1911, 1913, 1915, Jun 1917 Fairmont, Marion, WV-says he has a wife & child. Child: Russell E Newkirk b. 2 Feb 1912 Fairmont, Marion, WV d. 3 Mar 1920 Fairmont, Marion, WV from heart failure b. Montana Mines Cem in Marion Co, WV-was born when Corene was 16 & died under the name Newkirk so perhaps the child was born out-of-wedlock but was living w/Corene's parents in 1920 in Fairmont, Marion, WV going by the name Wilfong.
D. George Watson Wilfong b. 1 Mar 1896 Metz, Marion, WV d. 26 Nov 1993 La Mesa, San Diego, CA m. Sylvia Bell Hess b. 9 Jun 1897 Sutton, Braxton, WV d. 23 Jan 1985 La Mesa, San Diego, CA m. abt. 1916 WV & div bef. 1936; 1920, 1930 Union, Marion, WV. Children: Kathleen "Katy" b. 24 May 1918 Fairmont, Marion, WV Charles E Wood b. 10 Jul 1911 Rainelle, Greenbrier, WV d. 27 OCT 1962 at Cambridge Mental Health & Devlp in Cambridge, Guernsey, OH b. Duncan Falls Cem in Muskingum Co, OH m. 18 Apr 1942 Wellwsburg, Ohio, WV & div; 2009 La Mesa, CA, Fannie b. 1918 Fairmont, Marion, WV d. 22 Dec 1921 Fairmont, Marion, WV from acute mastoiditis b. Maple Grove Cem in Marion Co, WV, George Watson, Jr. b. 29 Feb 1920 Marion Co, WV d. 31 Dec 2001 Paradise, Butte, CA m. Mabel M. b. 28 Sep 1923 m. aft. 1942; 26 Sep 1942 Enlisted for WWII in CA, Mary M. b. 1923 Marion Co, WV-don't see her in 1940 census. George Wilfong remarried Camilla Glenoka Goff b. 19 Aug 1915 Grafton, Taylor, WV d. 30 Aug 1995 Myrtle Beach, Horry, SC m. 12 Sep 1936 Taylor Co, WV. 1940 Ekings, Randolph, WV, 1942 Randolph Co, WV. Child: Glenda Jane b. 18 Dec 1941 Elkins, Randolph, WV d. 18 Jun 2009 at Coastal Carolina Mdcl Cntr in Rockledge, Brevard, FL m. Larry Dale Beaver b. 9 DEC 1937 Madison, WV d. 24 MAR 2000 Tallapoosa, Haralson, GA b. Providence Church Cem in Haralson Co, GA; Glenda remarried William Raymond Arnold.
E. Bessie May Wilfong b. 23 Apr 1898 Metz, Marion, WV d. 26 Mar 1981 South Point, Lawrence, OH m. Ernest Frances Tolle ‎(Toller)‎, Sr b. 23 May 1898 Highland, Lawrence, OH d. 10 Mar 1972 Huntington, Cabell, WV from CHF m. 7 Feb 1920 Fairmont, Marion, WV. Both b. Highland Mem Gardens in Lawrence Co, OH.
F. Dale Simon Wilfong b. 27 Apr 1901 Marion Co, WV d. 1 Jul 1967 at Fairmont Gen Hosp in Fairmont, Marion, WV from arteriosclerotic heart disease b. Summers Cem in Monongalia Co, WV m. Estella Jeanette RUMBLE b: 7 Jan 1904/1901 Marion Co, WV d. 30 May 1973 at Crenshaw Nursing Home in Carolina, Marion, WV from cerebral arteriosclerosis b. Mt. Zion Cem in Fairmont Co, WV m. abt. 1920 WV; 1930, 1940 Fairmont, Marion, WV. Children: William D b. 19 Jan 1922 Marion Co, WV d. 24 Mar 1975 Alameda Co, CA m. Olga ‎(Children: Gary, Sharon, Susan, Carolyn Mr. Joseph)‎, James W b. 12 Jun 1924 Marion Co, WV d. 1 Feb 1963 at Fairmont Gen Hosp in Fairmont, Marion, WV from uremia b. Summers Cem in Monongalia Co, WV-never married, Infant Son b. 27 Sep 1926 Fairmont, Marion, WV d. 29 Sep 1926 Fairmont, Marion, WV from exhaustion due to premature birth b. Maple Grove Cem in Marion Co, WV, Carl Franklin b. 4 Sep 1927 Marion Co, WV d. 15 Aug 1975 WV b. Mt. Zion Cem in Marion Co, WV, Bruce, Thomas.

7. Edmund "Edmond, Ed, Eddy, Edwin, Edward" T. Wilfong b. 28 Feb 1871 Clinton, Monongalia, WV d. 8 Oct 1940 Kingmont, Marion, WV m. Rosalie "Rosa, Rosie" Lee Sturm b. 28 Oct 1874 WV d. 4 Dec 1914 Kingmont, Marion, WV from pneumonia m. 10 Jul 1893 Garrett Co, MD. Both b. Maple Grove Cemetery in Marion Co, WV. 1900‎(2births 2living)‎ Paw Paw, Marion, WV, 1910‎(4births 3living)‎, 1913 Fairmont, Marion, WV.

A. Linnie Forist ‎(Forest)‎ Wilfong b. Jun 1894 Marion Co, WV. Don't see her past 1913.
B. Mary Belle Wilfong b. 14 Jun 1897 Monongalia Co, WV d. 27 Sep 1963 en route to Fmnt Hosp in Fairmont, Marion, WV from myocardial infaction b. Woodlawn Cem in Marion Co, WV m. Ira Ellsworth Little b. 25 Jun 1892 Grant, Wetzel, WV m. 6 Sep 1920 Wheeling, Ohio, WV. 1930, 1940, 1942 Fairmont, Marion, WV.
C. Augustus Otis Wilfong b. 8 Jun 1901 Maron Co, WV d. 20 Aug 1902 Fairmont, Marion, WV from cholera infantum b. Maple Grove Cem in Marion Co, WV
D. Edward Jesse Wilfong, Jr. b. 28 Dec 1907 Fairmont, Marion, WV d. 12 AUG 1979 Kansas City, Jackson, MO m. Dorothy Fay Sudmyer b. 3 NOV 1918 Kansas City, Jackson, MO d. 27 JUL 1999 Grain Valley, Jackson, MO m. 11 Nov 1936 Olatha, KS. 1922-1925 Kansas City, MO. Dorothy remarried Mr. Myers.
E. Robert Meyers Wilfong b. 1911 Marion Co, WV.
F. Herman Lee Wilfong b. 29 Nov 1914 Marion Co, WV d. 14 Dec 1967
Harrisonburg, Rockingham, VA m. Thelma Wright Wampler b. 5 Apr 1906
Augusta Co, VA d. 22 Apr 1979 Staunton, Augusta, VA m. 21 Nov 1934 VA. 1940 Middle River, Augusta, VA. Children: Betty Lou b. 1937 VA m. Donald Martin, Son m. Miss Beachy.

Edmund Wilfong remarried Mary b. 1880 WV d. bef. 1924 WV. 1920 Union, Marion, WV.

Edmund Wilfong married a third time to Bertie "Berta" Marshall Paith b. 11 Jul 1882 Wetzel Co, WV d. 26 Jun 1969 at East Park Nursing Home in Fairmont, Marion, WV from terminal uremia due to myocardial failure due to arteriosclerotic heart disease b. Maple Grove Cem in Marion Co, WV m. 3 Mar 1924 Harrison Co, WV. 1930, 1940 Union, Marion, WV. Bertie previously married to Oliver F. Paith b. 1893 Monroe Co, OH m. 20 Nov 1915 Marshall Co, WV & div bef. 1924. 1920 Farimont, Marion, WV

WV Marriages:
Edward Wilfong & Bertie Paith
Marriage Date: 03 Mar 1924
Marriage Place: Harrison, West Virginia

8. Henry Lee "Jeff" Wilfong b. 18 May 1863 Monongalia Co, WV d. 15 Jan 1937 Fairmont, Marion, WV from influenza & pneumonia b. Maple Grove Cemetery in Marion Co, WV m. Sarah "Sadie" Ellen Merrill ‎(Merrell)‎ b. 10 APR 1860 Rivesville, Marion, WV d. 9 OCT 1942 Bingamon Junction, Marion, WV from chronic myocarditis b. Merrill Chapel Cemetery in Wood Co, WV m. abt. 1890 & div by 1907. 1910 Fairmont, Marion, WV Henry living w/Eminger family. Sarah remarried Benjamin Frank Lucas b. 31 Jul 1849 Harrison Co, WV d. 22 Apr 1922 Nutter Run, Harrison, WV from odema of the brain b. Hildreth Cemetery in Marion Co, WV m. abt. 1907 WV; Benjamin's 4th marriage. 1910‎(3births 1Living)‎, 1920, 1940 Sarah living w/Hershel in Clay, Harrison, WV.

A. Hershell "Herschel" Hampton Wilfong b. 23 JUN 1891 Rivesville, Marion, WV d. 12 MAY 1964 Fairmont, Marion WV from cerebral thrombosis b. Salem Knights of Pythias Cem in Harrison Co, WV m. Myrtle Mahala Hewitt b. 26 JUN 1892 WV d. AUG 1975 Worthington, Marion, WV m. abt. 1916. 1910 livng w/mom, 1917 Enterprise, Harrison, WV, 1920 Clay, Harrison, WV, 1940 Lincoln, Marion, W while Myrtle is living in Clay, Harrison, WV w/children, 1941 Wortington, Marion, WV. Children: Ernest "Bulldog" Forest b. 19 FEB 1918 Enterprise, Harrison Co, WV d. 21 NOV 1993 Enterprise, Harrison, WV, Ethel G b. 22 Apr 1920 Enterprise, Harrison, WV d. 29 Aug 2003 Imperial, Allegheny, PA m. William Edward Flowers b. 13 May 1921 Marion Co, WV d. 22 Apr 1992 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA m. 2 Aug 1945 Jackson Co, MO both b. Mt Hope Cem in Pittsburgh Co, PA, Charles "Chester" W b. 18 Aug 1922 Enterprise, Harrison, WV m. Velma D Lindsey b. 11 Jan 1929 Peora, Harrison, WV d. 9 Feb 2000 Enterprise, Harrison, WV m. 13 Jun 1947 Fairmont, Marion, WV; 31 Oct 1942 enlisted for WWII in Clarksburgh, WV ‎(Child: Brenda Carol b. 8 Jul 1948 Harrison Co, WV m. Donnie Lee Smith b. 10 Sep 1946 Muskingum Co, OH m. 29 Dec 1967 Harrison Co, WV & div bef. 1970; Brenda remarried Charles Russell Williams b. 30 May 1951 Harrison Co, WV m. 13 Mar 1970 Harrison Co, WV)‎, Henry Lee b. 18 Aug 1922 Enterprise, Harrison, WV d. 19 Feb 2011 Enterprise, Harrison, WV m. Dorothy Lee McGraw b. 19 Dec 1927 Monongah, Marion, WV m. 29 Jul 1944 Shinastown, Marion, WV ‎(Child: Michael Pearl b. 11 Jan 1946 Fairmont, Marion, WV m. Geraldine Martin b. 10 Aug 1949 Clarksburg, Harrison, WV m. 3 Nov 1967 Harmony, Marion, WV)‎, Wilbur L. b. 25 Feb 1925 Enterprise, Harrison, WV m. Lena E. Lindsey b. 7 May 1932 Peora, Harrison, WV d. 30 May 2010 Enterprise, Harrison, WV m. 28 Feb 1948 Shinaston, Marion, WV; 31 Oct 1945 enlisted for WWII in Whitefish, MT‎(Children: Roberta Gail b. 1950 WV m. John Wesley McIntire b. 1948 m. 26 Dec 1968 Harrison Co, WV)‎, Lillian Zella b. 5 May 1928 Enterprise, Harrison, WV m. Joseph Christopher b. 23 Dec 1920 Fairmont, Marion, WV m. 21 Jun 1951 Harrison Co, WV, Ruby Pearl b. 1932 Enterprise, Harrison, WV m. William Lloyd Smith.
B. Infant son Wilfong b. 26 Mar 1894 Marion Co, WV d. 15 Apr 1894 Marion Co, WV from congestion of lungs. Buried Family Cem in Rivesville, Marion, WV.
C. Child Wilfong b. 19 Jul 1895 Rivelsville, Marion, WV d. 20 Dec 1895 Rivesville, Marion, WV. Buried Hoult? Cem in Marion Co, WV
Henry remarried Irene Stellie Lyons Potts b. Nov 1881 Allegany Co, MD d. aft. 1945 m. 14 Aug 1916 Fairmont, Marion, WV & div bef. 1923. Irene previously married to George B. M. Potts b. 8 Apr 1885 Bedford Co, PA d. 17 May 1915 Fairmont, Marion, WV killed by train b. Maple Grove Cem in Marion Co, WV m. 29 May 1901 Mineral Co, WV & had at least 2 children. 1920 Fairmont, Marion, WV. 1922 Signed her name Mrs. Irene Wilfong on daughter's marriage cert. 1923-1945 Irene going by her maiden name living in Fairmont, Marion, WV.

WV Marriages:
Henry L Wilfong ‎(div)‎ & Irene Stellie ‎(Lyons)‎ Potts ‎(wd)‎
Date: 14 Aug 1916
Place: Marion County

WV Marriages:
Geo. B. M. Potts & Irene Lyons
Marriage Date: 29 May 1901
Marriage Place: Mineral, West Virginia

Henry L Wilfong married a third time to Mary d. aft. 1937.

9. John W. Wilfong b. 13 Feb 1865 Mononogalia Co, WV d. 15 May 1925/35 Fairmont, Marion, WV from TB of the lungs b. Woodlawn Cem in Marion Co, WV. Lived at home until 1900, 1910 Union, Marion, WV, 1930 Fairmont, Marion, WV living by himself & single. Never married even though death cert states he's married.

10. Joseph W. Wilfong b. 30 May 1868 Monongalia Co, WV d. 12 Jan 1932 Booths Creek, Taylor, WV from self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head b. Everettville Cem in Monongalia Co, WV. He lived at home until 1900, 1910 living w/John in Union, Marion, WV, 1920 Fairmont, Marion, WV by himself. Never married.

Pisgah Cemetery in Marion Co, WV
Wilfong Charles M. 1848 1925
Wilfong Margaret E. 1850 1919
Wilfong Elmer E. 1881 1911
Wilfong Agnes M. 1905 1919 Elmer & Margaret Ann Wilfong
Wilfong Florence ‎(Mrs. Stevens)‎ 1888 1924
Wilfong Bertha D. 1876 1904
Wilfong Chloe D. 1887 Infant

Everettville Cemetery in Monongalia Co, WV:
Wilfong, Charles M. 4-23-1848 ‎(no date given)‎ ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, Delilah 4-3-1825 20 y, 10 m, 8 d dau. of C. W. Wilfong
Wilfong, Delilah 5-25-1854 4-3-1875 ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, Edwin 2-28-1871 ‎(no date given)‎ ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, Elizabeth H. 4-21-1852 6-10-1876 ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, Fanny 11-13-1824 ‎(no date given)‎ ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, George W. 12-16-1824 1-13-1897 ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, Henry L. 5-18-1868 ‎(no date given)‎ ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, Iven 11-20-1856 11-5-1860 ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, John W. 2-21-1865 ‎(no date given)‎ ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, Joseph 5-30-1868 ‎(no date given)‎ ‎(One big headstone)‎
Wilfong, Lewis C. 3-14-1860 ‎(no date given)‎ One big headstone)

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Family with Parents
Henry Wilfong ‎(I1197)‎
Birth 1794 24 2 Pendleton Co., WV
Death 1865 ‎(Age 71)‎ Upshur Co, WV
-7 years
Anna Marie Kiracofe ‎(I1327)‎
Birth 15 March 1787 Shenandoah Co, VA
Death 1842 ‎(Age 54)‎ WV

Marriage: 26 August 1811 -- Augusta Co., VA
10 years
Anna Lee Wilfong ‎(I1328)‎
Birth 11 October 1821 27 34 Augusta Co., VA
Death 1884 ‎(Age 62)‎ Upshur Co, WV
7 months
Henry Wilfong, Jr ‎(I1329)‎
Birth May 1822 28 35 Pendleton Co., VA
Death 24 October 1906 ‎(Age 84)‎ Upshur Co, WV
3 years
George W Wilfong ‎(I1330)‎
Birth 16 December 1824 30 37 Pendleton Co., VA
Death 13 January 1897 ‎(Age 72)‎ WV
4 years
Elias "Eli" Wilfong ‎(I1331)‎
Birth 1829 35 41 Pendleton Co., VA
Death 22 October 1872 ‎(Age 43)‎ Upshur Co, WV
-10 years
John Frederick Wilfong ‎(I1332)‎
Birth 14 April 1819 25 32 Pendleton Co., VA
Death 1863 ‎(Age 43)‎ WV
12 years
Sally Sartin Wilfong ‎(I1333)‎
Birth 1831 37 43 Augusta Co., VA
-9 years
Hannah Wilfong ‎(I1335)‎
Birth 1822 28 34 Upshur Co, WV
Death 18 September 1888 ‎(Age 66)‎ Upshur Co, WV
3 years
Elizabeth "Betsy" Wilfong ‎(I1336)‎
Birth 1825 31 37 Upshur Co, WV
Death 1860 ‎(Age 35)‎
Father's Family with Martha Pritt
Henry Wilfong ‎(I1197)‎
Birth 1794 24 2 Pendleton Co., WV
Death 1865 ‎(Age 71)‎ Upshur Co, WV
21 years
Martha Pritt ‎(I1337)‎
Birth 1815 VA
Death 1877 ‎(Age 62)‎ Upshur Co, WV

Marriage: 25 August 1853 -- Upshu Co, WV
-6 years
Ashley Wesley Wilfong ‎(I1338)‎
Birth 11 December 1847 53 32 Bull Runn, Lewis, WV
Death 30 June 1930 ‎(Age 82)‎ Upshur Co, WV
5 years
William Alonzo Wilfong ‎(I1339)‎
Birth 9 January 1853 59 38 Upshur Co, WV
Death 13 December 1933 ‎(Age 80)‎ Akron, Summt, OH
4 years
Robert James Wilfong ‎(I1340)‎
Birth 18 July 1856 62 41 Upshur Co, WV
-4 years
Josiah Henry "Joseph" Wilfong ‎(I1341)‎
Birth May 1852 58 37 Upshur Co, WV
Death 14 January 1928 ‎(Age 75)‎ Upshur Co, WV